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NoMachine Guest Desktop Sharing

For easy remote collaboration and support

Guest desktop sharing is a brand new and intuitive feature of NoMachine 8 which permits users the possibility to share their desktop with others without having to disclose their system credentials. It’s a fast way to start a desktop sharing session for remote collaboration or remote support purposes and is available across the entire NoMachine product suite: Enterprise as well as the Free Edition.

Share without giving a username and password

Guest desktop sharing makes it easier to share your desktop even with users who don't have a system account, on your computer. If guest desktop sharing is enabled, they can simply connect as guests, without you having to give them your username and password. This makes it perfect for attended desktop scenarios such as if you need on-the-fly help with troubleshooting an issue or to collaborate on a presentation.

Guests connect only with your explicit approval

Guest desktop sharing requires you, the desktop owner, to be physically present on the computer’s desktop in order to accept an incoming connection from an identified IP address. All the guest needs to do is start a regular NoMachine connection and use the guest login form to personalize a message to you which pops up in your system tray. You can accept or refuse the connection request.

Everything is under your control

You decide who can connect to your computer, and whether it’s in interactive or view-only mode. You’re always in control of who connects, what they have access to and for how long, even if a connected user, including a guest, is interacting on your desktop. If you want to end the desktop sharing session, you can simply kick off any user at any time.

Authorize any access to services

You control not just who connects to your desktop but what exactly is being shared. As desktop owner you have complete control over access rights to services and devices on your computer. If a guest user wants to send you a file, access a printer, a USB device or a disk on your PC or Mac, a pop-up notification requesting you to confirm or deny appears in the system tray.

Let people you know become a visitor

Extend the innovative guest desktop sharing feature further with visitor desktop sharing. Exclusive to Cloud Server products, visitor users are just like guest users, with all their flexibility and security, but when coming from a Cloud Server where they performed a system login, they will be identified as the accounts they logged in with, so that the user accepting them will know "who they are".

Enable guest desktop sharing in a click

Guest desktop sharing is not enabled by default, but you can easily turn it on in the Security section of the server settings. Go on the computer’s desktop you want to share and select the guest user or visitor option. Check the tutorials to learn how to enable guest desktop sharing in all NoMachine products and visitor desktop sharing in the Cloud Server.