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NoMachine Terminal Server Family

Linux terminal server done right

NoMachine Linux Terminal Server Family

Bring the power of Linux to any of your desktops

NoMachine Terminal Server is the new generation of the award winning NX Linux Terminal Server, the term of comparison for Linux server-based computing solutions for more than 10 years. It is the perfect answer to those looking for a solution able to create hundreds of hosted Linux desktops, easy to manage and secure. NoMachine Terminal Server doesn't suffer from all the limitations that affect the traditional X-Window based solutions. Your desktop continues to live while it is disconnected, devices shared on the server follow you wherever you go and speed is spectacular even over the most modest network link, so fast to be unbeaten by any similar product designed for any operating system, not only Linux.

Scales up to your needs

NoMachine's Terminal Server family was released as an innovative iteration of the well-known NX Terminal Server System, and now in its 8th edition continues to take NX technology to the next level with its succession of commended new features, capabilities and enhancements. NoMachine Terminal Server is designed to let you create hundreds of virtual Linux desktops on a single physical computer (or a Linux VM, if you prefer), as many as you can get on the server. Even a low-end dual-core computer with enough RAM can run tens of virtual desktops to provide all your users with their own personal workspace, each one running independently on the same server, and lets you configure what each individual user gets, in terms of desktop environment and applications. 'Virtual NoMachine desktops' are new X-Windows sessions created by a NoMachine Linux Terminal Server product on a Linux server. These virtual desktop instances are a natural fit for Linux, since Linux and the X-Windows system were created and developed with the idea of running such a massive number of separate graphical sessions on a single host.
The advantage of this approach is control, scalability and greatly reduced management costs. Users normally don't have administrative rights on the terminal server, so they can be managed centrally. Adding new users is extremely cheap, since you don't have to run a new virtual machine and a new operating system instance. Maintenance costs are kept low because the operating system running on the server is updated for all users at the same time. Storage and peripherals are naturally shared and all of this contributes to keeping the operational costs down. NoMachine lets you expand your network to fit any need. From the Workstation to the Terminal Server, there is a product that suits any work group, from design professionals, needing to share the high-end graphics hardware, to the sales team of a large organization. When a single Terminal Server has become too small to handle all clients, you can add Enterprise Terminal Server Nodes to an Enterprise Terminal Server, which converges user access and performs efficient load-balancing of session requests. For additional robustness, two Enterprise Terminal Server Cluster can be combined together to work as a high-availability cluster. That’s not all. For large projects that can often have multiple Terminal Server Products configured for various user groups, departments and type of usage, access can be further streamlined by placing a Cloud Server gateway on a dedicated host and adding each Terminal Server product to it.

Makes your clients thin again

NoMachine client software runs literally on any device: from an old Windows XP computer to any known Linux distribution, from a pen-drive, to a Raspberry Pi, not to mention the mobile platforms Android and iOS. Any client running the NoMachine software can be considered a thin client and this brings with it a number of benefits. With NoMachine installed, any computer is effectively a streaming device and thus integral to the security of protected data which resides on the server. Without compromising security, office-based workers become “work-from-anywhere” users freeing up space in the office and making organizations nimbler.
The free NoMachine Enterprise Client software is thin enough to let you repurpose old or unused computers, saving time, energy and money. And for remote users connecting from clientless endpoints, their desktop environment can be deployed to any client via an HTML-enabled browser. No plug-in or extensions required. Any modern browser will suffice, including those of the most popular mobile operating systems. This is a tremendous simplification compared to all similar software on the market. But not all clients are traditionally thin clients. In the era of Bring Your Own Device, employees or guests that bring their own laptop or tablet can access corporate data and applications through their own browser, but under the control your organization deserves.

Works with applications you work with

Terminal Server can publish any Linux desktop environment and any applications running there to users worldwide whilst protecting and controlling the data and other IT assets being accessed. This is especially important with mission-critical, specialized applications essential to many industries like chipset design, big data analysis, automotive and aerospace, animation and so on. Whether users are accessing CAD, 3D rendering, modeling, illustration, desktop publishing environments, the enterprise needs to safeguard its valuable intellectual property. IP protection is a greater challenge for design engineering companies, as they need to collaborate with vendors and contractors in different countries. Centralization of desktops and applications with NoMachine Terminal Server makes sure that your design files never leave the datacenter yet allows everyone to work on them remotely. Additionally, the administrator can lock down the desktop and the user profile and ensure that internal policies concerning data protection are adhered to.
In today’s era of ubiquitous connectivity and remote collaboration, NoMachine Terminal Server products are helping organizations to build safer cars, discover new sources of energy, model the climate and find cures for cancer and other diseases as some of the world's top engineering, design and research teams rely on our software as they drive tomorrow's product innovation. Consider also that NoMachine Terminal Server products integrate smoothly with the NoMachine Enterprise Desktop and Enterprise Cloud Server products, to offer seamless desktop sharing as all the NoMachine Enterprise products do.

Remote visualization of any content

Whether its video streaming or a hosted workstation, more content is being delivered via cloud computing every day. It's not just about accessing your office applications or simple email clients. Data centers everywhere are dealing with a flood of video traffic, and many enterprises have to cope with the computing demands of complex engineering or imaging applications, and massive data sets that are used by employees and contractors scattered around the world. Securing access to such complex and sensitive design models and content, quickly and easily providing access to a highly distributed workforce and ecosystem whilst providing an excellent user experience are the challenges faced by the IT organizations of today. NoMachine Terminal Server is a simple solution to these challenges. Cloud-based Linux workstations, hosted on Terminal Server nodes in a secure data center, allow engineers to use demanding 3D graphics applications from virtually anywhere in the world.
Businesses are faced with finding cost-effective ways to securely share data models and content over a widely distributed workforce whilst delivering fast and clear graphics. Thanks to its exclusive NX remote display technology and VirtualGL/OpenGL integration, all NoMachine products offering the Linux Terminal Server functionality make it possible to run any graphic-intensive task, including multimedia, as fast and seamlessly as if your users were sitting in front of their computer. Accessible on any device, Terminal Server provides compression and graphics acceleration technologies to optimize professional 3D graphics apps over low-bandwidth, high-latency networks. Complex 3D applications, such as CAD/CAM design, manufacturing, medical, or statistical analysis applications, running in Unix and Linux environments are rendered and displayed with the best possible accuracy and performance to thin clients located elsewhere. By leveraging the accelerated capabilities of modern graphics cards, users are empowered to access high-end graphical applications, including those Linux desktop environments which rely heavily on OpenGL, from any PC or device.


Give engineers and automotive designers robust and powerful access to their favorite CAD/CAM applications located in the remote data center. Whether you design buildings, products, or roads or are learning to transform designs from 2D to 3D, NoMachine software empowers you to explore ideas, document designs, create prototypes and collaborate seamlessly.


Let technicians work efficiently on the entire video or animation production process, from creative concepts to editing thanks to NoMachine's NX display encoding. Optimized acceleration of screen updates, and multimedia streaming in real time guarantees a superior rendering experience over any network.

Statistical analysis

Research teams located worldwide can unite to perform efficient data visualization and high performance analysis. NoMachine can handle huge amounts of data with speed to prevent the delay of any research. Projects that can run for days or weeks are easily monitored and updated from remote.


Architects and urban planners can execute all their plans, designs and spatial analysis on the road as efficiently as if they were working at the office. Whether it's a transportation, land or energy infrastructure project, NoMachine's Terminal Server Products guarantee that civil engineers can work from anywhere whatever the application.

Terminal Server Product Family

Check here for the feature comparison of the NoMachine Small Business Terminal Server Family and the NoMachine Enterprise Terminal Server Family. Annual subscriptions are available which include software updates and different levels of support. For complete details about the functionalities available in the specific product, please consult the list below.

NoMachine Workstation

A complete solution in one simple package that runs up to 4 Linux desktops on the same host. Offers the same rich feature-set of Small Business Terminal Server, ideal for individual users who need or share access to a remote Linux workstation. Also available as a pack of 10 subscriptions.

NoMachine Small Business Terminal Server

Perfect for small businesses, single departments and design studios, NoMachine's Small Business Server provides efficient and secure access to Linux desktops & applications, letting users share files and media content between desktops wherever they are. Browser-based access included, allows up to 10 virtual Linux desktops.

NoMachine Terminal Server

Runs an unlimited number of virtual Linux desktops on a standalone server. Users can access any Linux desktop and the programs running there, including 3D CAD/CAM and multimedia applications. Support for customizable profiles and configurable access to applications and functionalities makes it suitable for large user groups. Out-of-the-box browser-based access included.

NoMachine Enterprise Terminal Server

Provides multi-node support and load balancing permitting admins to efficiently distribute desktop session requests across any number of Enterprise Terminal Server Nodes. A mix of round-robin, weighted and custom algorithms combined with support for client redirection efficiently routes users to the appropriate Linux desktop node.

NoMachine Enterprise Terminal Server Cluster

NoMachine Enterprise Cluster Terminal Server includes all the rich functionality of Enterprise Terminal Server such as multi-node and load-balancing, plus built-in high-availability capabilities, providing automatic failover in the case of a server outage.

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