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Wherever you are.

Remote Access for Everybody

NoMachine is free for everybody to use

Connect to any computer remotely at the speed of light. Thanks to our NX technology, NoMachine is the fastest and highest quality remote desktop you have ever tried. Reach your computer on the other side of the world in just a few clicks. Wherever your desktop is, you can access it from any other device and share it with who you want. NoMachine is your own personal server, private and secure. What’s more, it’s free.
One click to any of the remote desktops available in the NoMachine recent connections list

NoMachine lets you access all your files, display all your videos, play all your audio, print and edit your documents, and move them around from wherever you are. All securely and under your control. Use it to share your desktop on-the-fly, record your screen content and much more.

Remote Access for the Enterprise

Quick, easy, secure, NoMachine runs where you care

When remote desktop gets serious, you need a serious tool to do the job. NoMachine’s NX technology ensures a desktop that feels local, even when it’s not, whatever the operating system you are connecting to. NoMachine satisfies any work-from-home (WFH) or enterprise remote access scenario and scales to fit your unique IT delivery needs. Be in control of your own data, hosted desktops, corporate computers and applications, where they're kept and how they're accessed. Secure, private and convenient.

NoMachine Enterprise Products

Remote access and management solutions for your business

NoMachine for the Enterprise products provide the most-comprehensive solutions to connect users to their remote desktops securely and efficiently. Our software empowers professionals and businesses of any size to control and manage remote access to any desktop computer or PC, whatever operating system it's running on. Three product families exist for any remote computing scenario, and which are flexible enough to suit any infrastructure or scalability need.

NoMachine Enterprise Desktop

Maximize remote workforce productivity by providing users with fast, secure access to Windows, Mac & Linux desktops located anywhere in the world. Provide hassle-free remote control of any computer or server for work from home employees and sysadmin staff, letting them connect from any device.

NoMachine Terminal Server

The fastest Linux Terminal Server now faster for professionals and the enterprise across all industries. Provide access to any Linux desktop running high-end applications, including CAD/CAM, manufacturing or statistical analysis software, from anywhere in the world with the best possible accuracy and performance.

NoMachine Cloud Server

Leverage Cloud Server products to connect remote users to on-premise resources, providing centralized access to any workstation, even a cloud-based machine in your private network. An intuitive user interface across the Cloud Server portfolio empowers admins to easily create, monitor and manage multi-levels of hosted desktops and server infrastructures. With optional integrated clustering capabilities available, IT admin have the tools they need to install a powerful, resilient and highly-available gateway with built-in load-balancing.

Features you need at an affordable price

Fast & efficient

NoMachine’s native NX protocol provides a high-performance user experience even with the most graphics-intensive applications.

File sharing & printing

Effortlessly print documents, transfer files and share folders from mapped drives between computers.

Multi-media support

Edit and play back smooth, high-resolution video and audio from your PC or Mac. Leverage devices enabled for high-definition media.

Guest desktop sharing

Remote desktop sharing with your peers is easy. Authorize guests to connect to your desktop in view or interactive mode.

Browser-based access

Work on your remote desktop from anywhere with no client-side requirements other than a simple Web browser.

Screen recording

Capture both remote and local desktop activity. Enable automatic recording of remote sessions for monitoring or audit purposes.

Encryption & security

Native NX protocol uses OpenSSL, TLS/AES 128 encryption for traffic between devices. Two-factor authentication & SSH tunneling also supported.

Remote admin

Remotely access and administer settings of any NoMachine server through the Server Admin tool which permits convenient remote configuration management.

Centralized access

Provide a centralized access point and easy management of your entire remote desktop infrastructure with NoMachine Cloud Server.

Load-balancing and fail-over

Use NoMachine’s clustering capabilities to put two machines to work together and create a powerful, resilient and highly-available set-up with built-in load-balancing.

What users say


Perfect application in every respect... used to manage my systems remotely and I must say that it behaves impeccably. Excellent. Thank you.

John Robusti, Play Store

I am a long time with you guys, before you were on Android. I have NoMachine on all my devices in my network. Do not stop doing this software EVER !!! You rule!

Android User, Play Store

Thanks for the great software. This is the best I've tried and I've used about a dozen remote desktop apps in the last year or so.

AJ Phillips,

On a real broadband connection crossing firewalls, traveling through the net, the connection feels like I'm on a Remote Desktop on my own LAN, very fast.

John S.

A big thanks for an amazing product that 'just works' across so many platforms!

Howard P. from Florida (NoMachine forums)

7000 miles over a geostationary satellite internet connection. Well done!

@RemoteJavaDev, Tonga

Smoothest remote desktop I've ever seen, keep it up.

HaiThuong, Play Store

NoMachine works so much better than any paid tool I’ve tried, and it’s free! So fast.

From user SithLordZX, on Reddit



I would like to let you know I love NoMachine. I'm a home user and NoMachine is an amazing remote access technology to access my home computer from college.

Marcus A.

Very good. It beats the hell out of other remote access products, as it's light and everything runs smoothly.

Carlos, Play Store

I stumbled across a great piece of software for remote desktop. #NoMachine, I can't believe I've not found it before. Great stuff!


Mightily impressed with your current packages and installation. Connecting was so painless.


Many thanks for a great product! I simply can't live without it. It's the life-line to my job and gives great flexibility.

Anders Gammelgaard, Denmark

I'm very pleased with NoMachine's robustness and responsiveness. I can now use my remote machine and actually forget that it's not directly connected to my monitor.

Larry, NoMachine forums

This is the best in class remote desktop software. Was using your tablet version on my phone and it was fine. Now with small display support it's even better. Thank you!

Aziz Anvarov, Google Play

I was delighted to see VirtualGL working out of box, and that you bundled H.264/AVC recently. Excellent software!

Igor Podgorski, Smooth Sailing IT

I use NoMachine. It's the only one among those I tested that would allow me to work normally in the applications I am using, like photoshop to give a very simple example.

From user GBJI, on Reddit



The latest release of NoMachine is outstanding and my goto favorite at the moment. ...NoMachine uses NX technology to provide you with encrypted security and, with regards to Linux, without the lag of trying to forward X through SSH. It's fast, pleasant to use and I think most people who try it will fall in love with it.

Matt H.

Thanks very much, just wanted to say that..... I think the product is fantastic. I am often on unreliable connections from here in India and your tech ensures things run far smoother than Apple Remote Desktop..

Henry O.

I started to look into remote desktop solutions but none of them were any good. Then I found this wonderful app. .....Jaw dropping app, keep up the good work fellas, this is future tech right here. Highly, highly recommended!!

Matthew James

We needed powerful 3D acceleration for molecular visualization. NoMachine's integration with VirtualGL was the only option that gave our users the performance they needed while simplifying IT work.

Christian P., University of Maryland

NoMachine has become central to my efforts at training students in elements of computational biology. NoMachine has made it possible to provide the Linux environment to dozens of students, over the years, using one machine. As several of the tools I use for my work are developed within the Linux environment, this is a valuable service. Support is prompt, helpful and courteous. Above all, the software is reliable.

Professor G. Acquaah‑Mensah, MCPHS University

One of my favorites was showing up to an new job with some sizable demands &, after some brief inquiry, finding they had a set of 128gb many core servers with NoMachine ready to go. Hello working from beach on ultra portables.

Twitter user

NX has helped our Computational Science and Geophysics teams move away from expensive local workstations. We are able to leverage and share more powerful and accessible machines inside the datacenter for HPC access, remote desktop and visualization. The multi-client support, dynamic screen and bandwidth controls are superb, yet simple to use.

Donny @ TOTAL E&P Research & Technology USA, LLC

We have a 6 server NX cluster. On any given day during the semester, there are approximately 150 students logged into the cluster. It is used for instruction and research, and is especially used by the faculty that teach programming, because they just point their students to the NX cluster and all the programming tools are available. The faculty love NX!

Paul H., Director, Research Support Center, Computer Science Dept, University of Virginia

What I love is that the product is very reliable, and does not require a lot of administration. I do updates once a year in the summer, then reboot the cluster in anticipation of the coming semester. Excellent product!

Paul H., Director, Research Support Center, Computer Science Dept, University of Virginia

You should check out NoMachine. It is BY FAR the best remote desktop solution out there for all desktop OSes. [...] It is ridiculously fast. It also features excellent clipboard, file sharing, directory mounting, device sharing. It can also utilize Kerberos for authentication and can also direct data through a per-specified proxy. We use it heavily at work and it has proven to be a life saver.

From user brotenet, on Reddit

The other goal [....] was to determine which remote software is to be used by CHESS staff and users alike. NoMachine [...] was the clear winner. Staff scientists described the experience as if you were actually sitting in front of the station.

CHESS Blog, Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source

I use NoMachine version 8 (Linux to Windows 11 Pro). Excellent product!! Fast reliable, and has exceptional support for multiple displays. The system I connect to is dual 4K monitors stacked vertically, 3840X4320pixels. NoMachine is the only product I know that can handle this properly. Excellent product!!!

Lee Allen, Lethbridge