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NoMachine for Everybody

More freedom to the desktop

You there, everywhere

Quick and easy, NoMachine runs everywhere

Break the barriers of space and time. Let your desktop travel the world. If you're looking for the fastest remote desktop software to date which is free for your personal use, you're in the right place. But that's only part of the story. We want NoMachine to be a game changer. We want you to access all your files, display all your videos, play all your audio, edit your documents and move them around exactly as if all the computing power in the world was in your hands. We want NoMachine to let you do more, in ways that don't place limits on your creativity nor on your remote desktop. Here’s how.

Work with any content

Connect from any device to reach and control your desktop located anywhere in the world. Enjoy real-time audio and video, watch DVDs, play games even from wherever you are. Or render your animated models. Whether you are a work-from-home artist, a mobile engineer or a gamer, you can reach your favorite software running on any Windows, macOS, Linux, ARM and Raspberry computer.


How fast does fast have to be for a remote desktop connection? With NoMachine's NX protocol you can't get any faster. We believe that a remote desktop must be fast enough that you don't notice it's there. Our mission is ultimately to make your experience exactly the same as that of being in front of your computer. Only then will we know that it's sufficiently fast.

Share your desktop with others

Digital nomads are on the increase and so is the need for a software tool that facilitates productivity. NoMachine isn’t just for remote access. Your desktop is where you work so why not let others join you on your desktop? Let your friends collaborate on the documents you are working on as guest users, share the files you need, help with troubleshooting the problems you are experiencing. All securely and under your control.

Record what you do

Whether you’re sharing knowledge or explaining some weird bug, simply showing it is a lot faster than writing it out. Make a video of your desktop activity on-the-fly. Capture that pesky bug or create recordings of your remote session workflow to play back later. Create walk-through tutorials and product demonstrations. Even record your preferred TV program!

Use any device

Your folders, drives and devices, travel across machines in a snap. Plug in a USB controller and play your games remotely. Print a file located on the remote computer to a local printer. Or do the opposite. Plug in any device into the other desktop. Pendrives, scanners and all your disks are ready to use as if they were physically there.

The cloud is yours

NoMachine frees you from cloud storage services that put limitations on what you store and upload. With NoMachine, it's all about how many GB you can stuff on to your computer. Stay in control of your data: your information stays yours, on your own server at home or in the office, with the added bonus that it's always with you.

Get to any machine on the Network

Reach any computer without knowing any network detail

NoMachine Network is the service that allows you to get to your computers, wherever they are, even if your computers do not have an IP address on the public Internet. You can use NoMachine today to connect to any computer, but reaching out to your friends is still cumbersome, due to the way Internet works. NoMachine Network is the next piece of the puzzle. It will enable people to connect to each other's computer behind routers and firewalls, without the need for knowing any detail. Network will make your life easier and make NoMachine much more useful.

From there to anywhere

Get to any computer by just using your browser

Web-based access is a feature built and ready to use, out of the box, in all the NoMachine Enterprise products. Besides the usual server software, so that you can connect with the desktop Player, NoMachine Enterprise products include an embedded Web server, so that they can work with any browser. Create a Web link on your desktop, send it to whoever you like, click on it and get to your desktop by using your browser, without having to install any NoMachine software on the client.