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NoMachine Network

From there to anywhere

Get to any machine on the Network

Reach any computer without knowing any network detail

NoMachine Network, coming soon, is the service that allows you to get to your computers, the computers of your company, the computers of your friends, any computer, even if they are behind a firewall, if they don't have a public IP address or you don't know any of these network details. NoMachine Network will make your life much easier. It will let you stay connected 24/7 and enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere, from any device. NoMachine Network is built for user anonymity from the ground up. For the user's anonymity and for your machine's anonymity, so that malicious users can't know which machines are yours.

Get to any computer using its Machine Id

Every machine you add to Network will have a unique Machine Id. Computers will not be identifiable with personal names or IP addresses. It won’t be possible to search for a computer associated with a name because the Machine Id will be a specific address, similar to an IP number, in a specific format. This means that without the Machine Id, you won’t be able to connect to a computer on Network or even find it.

Get to that machine if you know its Security Id

Together with the Machine Id there will be a secret Security Id which you will need to know in order to access the machine. A Network user that wants someone to connect to their computer will have to give the Machine Id and Security Id to users they know, through traditional communication, where they can directly track the security of these details.

Get to the people you know by their User Id

Users are identified with a User Id which will be used to log in to Network. This Id is not tied to an email address in order to guarantee the complete anonymity of Network users. For example, it won’t be possible to search for someone with their email account. It won't be possible to search for the "Home machine" of a specific user because users will not appear on the Network with their name.

Invite people to join you

Make it easier to work with friends and colleagues, using convenient and secure one-time authorizations. Without it, you would be required to give them the Security Id of the target machine, allowing them to connect whenever they like, something that you may not want. An invitation, instead, includes a implicit one-time "Security Id", which will avoid the need to reveal the real Security Id of the machine.

Add a layer of security with 2FA

All NoMachine Network accesses are protected by the Security Id and by any system authorization configured on the machine. With two-factor authentication, you can further protect any computer, by getting a confirmation request sent to your smartphone or tablet. You can add the 2FA to any login, even to remote computers using a plain IP address. 2FA is added to all the NoMachine product landscape.

Publish important information on the machines your friends know

When computers are connected to Network, it’s possible to leave a message on the machine for other users who have access. This is particularly useful when a computer is shared with co-workers or teammates. All users in possession of the computer’s Security Id can read, see and post follow-up notes to swap ideas or leave instructions.

Free to add any machine that you want to reach

Everybody will be able to add their own machines to Network for free and without needing a Network subscription. Access to NoMachine Network will be free for everybody. It will also be used for two-factor authentication, something we're going to introduce together with Network.

Cheap and convenient to join if you want to connect

Any user that wants to access a computer via NoMachine Network will pay a monthly fee, regardless of the number of machines they want to access, through a NoMachine Network subscription. Network will also be open to anybody using the free version of NoMachine, so no need to buy an Enterprise version.