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NoMachine for the Enterprise

Secure, flexible, reliable

NoMachine Cloud Server Family

Cloud Server is an integrated offering that bridges the gap between physical and virtual resources scattered across corporate networks, allowing organizations to converge heterogeneous environments running on Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix workstations. Cloud Server consolidates the entire NoMachine server stack, providing employees with fast, secure and reliable access to any critical remote resource, and allowing organizations of any size to efficiently implement their remote computing strategy.

NoMachine Terminal Server Family

Provide users with their own personal Linux workspace with the new generation of the award winning NX Linux Terminal Server. Create hundreds of hosted Linux desktops, easy to manage and secure on single standalone servers or in cluster. Capable of leveraging the accelerated capabilities of modern graphics cards, users are empowered to access high-end graphical applications, including those Linux desktop environments which rely heavily on OpenGL, from any PC, device and HTML-enabled browser. Options available for professionals and small companies.

NoMachine Virtualization Server Family

A new product suite that will extend NoMachine into the virtualization field, the upcoming Virtualization Server family will be based on the KVM hypervisor. And not only that! NoMachine Virtualization products will embrace containerization, in the future, once the technology has settled on a common accepted standard about running graphical applications inside a container environment. Planned for version 7 it will deliver a complete virtualization management platform, enabling organizations to build a highly scalable & reliable virtualized environment using the KVM industry standard at its foundation.