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NoMachine for the Enterprise

Remote access solutions for your business

NoMachine for the Enterprise

Secure, flexible, reliable

NoMachine for the Enterprise products suit any remote access computing scenario and scale to fit your unique IT delivery needs. Organizations of every size trust NoMachine to power remote work for their employees and customers, enabling users to connect from wherever they want regardless of what desktop they are connecting to. Different product families exist, and Cloud Server version 8, especially, has been through a deep and extensive rework; reliability and speed are greatly improved and lots of new features have been designed and added. If you have tried it in the past, try the latest. You will not regret it. All NoMachine products are designed to ensure that all your users get the same secure, high-definition experience across operating systems and networks, and allow IT staff to monitor and deploy all your NoMachine resources efficiently.

Remote server administration

Access and administer settings of any NoMachine server directly from within the NoMachine user interface. Thanks to the built-in server admin tool, IT admins can carry out convenient remote configuration and management in just a few clicks.

Web-based remote access

All products from the NoMachine for the Enterprise suite provide access via the Web, by the Web Player, to let you work on your remote desktop from anywhere without installing additional software on their device. All they need is a simple Web browser.

Guest desktop sharing

Promote remote support and collaboration by permitting users to share their desktop with co-workers. You can share the desktop with guest users without giving them your system password.

Centralized access

Make the NoMachine Cloud Server the centralized access point to your corporate network. Manage and connect users to all your NoMachine remote desktops and Unix workstations with its intuitive interface and integrated remote management tools.

NoMachine Enterprise Desktop Family

Work on any computer from the Internet

Enterprise Desktop lets you access and manage your remote office or home computer over any network, facilitating remote collaboration and file-sharing between users. Perfect for remote workers and also IT admins, Enterprise Desktop enables access to desktops and hosted resources deployed on-prem, in the data center or cloud from another computer, mobile device or browser.

NoMachine Terminal Server Family

Bring the power of Linux to any of your desktops

NoMachine Terminal Server makes it possible to host multiple Linux desktops on the same server, providing users with seamless remote access to their own personal Linux workspace from any device. By leveraging the accelerated capabilities of modern graphics cards, Terminal Server can deliver high-end graphical applications over any network, including those which rely heavily on OpenGL. Load-balancing and failover capabilities make it a must have for Linux-based mission-critical set-ups. Options available for professionals and small companies.

NoMachine Cloud Server Family

The single access point to all your computing resources

Cloud Server is your secure gateway to hosted desktops and server-based resources. It provides users with a centralized point of access to Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix workstations scattered across corporate networks whilst letting administrators create, manage and monitor the most extensive of NoMachine infrastructures from a single pane of glass.