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NoMachine works with industry-leading technology vendors to help customers maximize the value of their virtualization, server-based computing and application delivery investments. This partnership is open to companies which integrate their own hardware and software with NoMachine technology or offer their products running on NoMachine software.

If you want to optimize your own technology or hosted service offerings by integrating NoMachine, then maybe this program is for you. Leverage our brand, resources and expertise to deliver enhanced value to shared customers by joining the Technology Partner program. Find out if this program is for you!

Technology Partners in Europe

  • Babylon Cloud is an Italian start-up with an exclusive focus on Public Cloud with the aim of becoming a leading enabler of cloud storage for Telco Operators and System Integrators in Italy and Europe. Babylon Cloud offers cloud services and licenses its proprietary technology, an innovative concept entirely developed in Italy and based on its own branded hardware, to build private clouds on- and off- premise for large organizations.

  • Founded in 1987, Praim is a global vendor of Thin Clients, Enterprise Printing Solutions and Specialised Embedded Systems. With over 650,000 user installations in Europe and North America, the company has established itself over the years as a worldwide leader in the Thin Client computing to access server based architectures and Enterprise Printing Solutions for IBM Midrange and Mainframe environments. Corporate headquarter is located in Trento, Italy.

  • Virtual Cable is a software development company that develops and supports UDS Enterprise, a connection broker that allows you to automatically and centrally deploy and manage the full lifecycle of your Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications. It also enables remote access to physical and virtual devices. Users can access through a web browser at any time, from any place and device. Software admins are free to enable multiple virtualization platforms, authenticators, and connection protocols to run simultaneously. The platform is Open Source based, 100% customizable, and without licenses. There are subscriptions including personalized support and updates. The Virtual Cable team has over 40 years expertise in IT and software development and more than 15 years expertise in virtualization technologies. Millions Windows and Linux virtual desktops are deployed every day worldwide with UDS Enterprise.

  • The Netvoyager brand was established in London 1999 and is now synonymous with quality thin client technology in the UK and beyond. Netvoyager thin clients enable organisations to gain control of their desktops and deliver access to Windows, Linux, UNIX, mainframe, midrange and web applications from a single compact device. Its products and services leverage open technologies and eliminate the costs associated with traditional PC architectures. Netvoyager thin clients are a key component in the implementation of a modern server based computing strategy that enables significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to the traditional PC, low up-front expenditure and reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Technology Partners in North America

  • Cadence enables electronic systems and semiconductor companies to create the innovative end products that are transforming the way people live, work and play. Cadence® software, hardware and semiconductor IP are used by customers to deliver products to market faster. The company’s System Design Enablement strategy helps customers develop differentiated products—from chips to boards to systems—in mobile, consumer, cloud datacenter, automotive, aerospace, IoT, industrial and other market segments.

  • A world leader in thin client solutions, IGEL Technology helps organizations improve the agility, efficiency, and security of their virtual desktop and application delivery systems. We produce one of the industry's widest range of thin clients, based on Linux and Microsoft Windows, allowing customers to access to a broad spectrum of server-based infrastructures and applications. We also offer our powerful and intuitive management software for easy deployment and administration of thin clients throughout any-size organization. IGEL Technology has offices the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and our award-winning, in-house R&D team is located in Augsburg, Germany.

  • Leostream, a vendor-independent software company, is a driver in the evolving virtualization space and a leader in the management of end-user resources hosted in the data center. Leostream's Connection Broker product provides a comprehensive and scalable solution for organizations to deliver and manage desktops, remote sessions, and hosted applications to end-users. It integrates diverse systems within the data center, and provides the ability to apply business rules to the combined system, making VDI a reality for organizations with complex integration needs. Leostream is based in Waltham, Massachussets, USA.

  • Stratodesk is a software company that focuses on hardware agnostic thin client software and PC repurposing solutions. Stratodesk’s vendor agnostic software NoTouch Desktop "future proofs" PCs and thin clients by enabling them to be re-purposed to run VDI client software or terminal services and centrally managed from one virtual management center. Under the brand name LISCON Thin Clients Stratodesk is also selling thin client hardware in cooperation with hardware partners in the German speaking market. Stratodesk is privately held and headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Stratodesk Europe is located in Austria, serving the European market.

Technology Partners in Oceania

  • ThinLinx is an Australian specialized Linux company which designs and manufactures its own embedded Linux hardware and software and is on the leading edge of thin client technology. Their software runs on specifically designed hardware, the Hot-e®, or existing PCs. This enables a complete turn-key solution by accessing centrally controlled data, and thereby eliminating the complexity of desktop computing.

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