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Here you'll find documentation about NoMachine technology, installation and configuration, technical papers and other useful resources. Please be sure you also visit the NoMachine Support Center for a complete source of articles, FAQs and self-help information available in the NoMachine Knowledge Base.


For a complete set of Installation Guides for NoMachine products
NoMachine (free version) Installation Guide
NoMachine for the Enterprise Installation Guide
NoMachine Cloud Server Installation and Configuration Guide
NoMachine Enterprise Client Installation Guide
NoMachine Terminal Server Node Installation Guide
NoMachine Web Companion Installation and Configuration Guide


Here you will find relevant information on configuring and setting up the NoMachine software for you particular environment.
Configuring authentication in NoMachine 4
Enabling and disabling the NoMachine device sharing services manually
NoMachine Server Administrator's Guide for the Enterprise
NoMachine Server Administrator's Guide for the Enterprise - Advanced Functions
Instructions for upgrading a 3.5.0 production environment to NoMachine 4 or later
NoMachine entries for virtual desktops in the server session list explained
Guide to the Functionality in the Menu Panel
The most frequently asked options for pre-configuring the client


We have put together some handy hints about how to use NoMachine products.
Getting started with NoMachine
Getting started with Web-based access
Getting started with NoMachine for iOS
Getting started with NoMachine for Android
Disabling access to your local desktop
Creating new virtual desktop sessions
Sharing files between computers
Finding other NoMachine computers on the same network