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NoMachine Cloud Server Family

Easy access to all your resources

NoMachine Cloud Server Family

The single access point to all your computing resources

NoMachine Cloud Server is your go-to solution for centralized remote access to hosted desktops and application servers residing on corporate networks. With Cloud Server products, your organization's computers stay safe behind the firewall while ensuring trusted users connecting from outside and inside the network get access to their data. The Cloud Server family sits at the pinnacle of the NoMachine product offering, enabling secure remote access and easy management of your entire corporate desktop infrastructure. If you haven't tried Cloud Server version 8, you should. A great range of improvements, advancements and new features have been added making it the perfect solution for any business looking to provide a centralized and controlled point of access to distributed resources, running anywhere on the network, even across different geographic locations.
Not only does NoMachine Cloud Server unify access, it empowers administrators to create and manage a flexible and structured network hierarchy of "NoMachine nodes", consolidating the most extensive of hosted desktop and server infrastructures. Four out-of-the-box solutions are available which suit any remote computing scenario: Small Business Cloud Server, Cloud Server, Enterprise Cloud Server and Enterprise Cloud Server Cluster, so you can choose according to your remote connectivity needs. Based on concurrent connections accessing the Cloud Server, the number of nodes that can be added to the gateway is always unlimited, across all the Cloud Server products. What counts is the number of users connected at any given time.

Connect a global workforce

Cloud Server lets you facilitate and streamline access to any computing resource in your company. It makes it possible to create a single access point by which remote users can connect to their desktops and their data running on any physical or virtual machine, whether in the datacenter or in the public cloud. You can add to your NoMachine Cloud Server any number of NoMachine Enterprise Linux, Windows or Mac computers, located anywhere on your LAN or WAN, and make them accessible in just one click.
The innovative guest desktop sharing lets users work together even without having to disclose their system credentials. That's true even more with visitor desktop sharing, another innovative and distinctive feature of the Cloud Server. Visitor users are just like guest users, with all their flexibility and security, but when coming from a Cloud Server where they performed a system login, they will be identified as the accounts they logged in with, so that the user accepting them will know "who they are". Guest users and visitor users were features carefully designed with security in mind. They give the Cloud Server invaluable flexibility, bringing remote desktop access to another level.

Scale up and out

Cloud Server products offer a truly cross-platform solution that combines the unprecedented remote desktop capabilities of NoMachine software with consolidation of physical and virtual resources scattered across corporate networks, allowing organizations to converge heterogeneous environments running on any platform. Completely scalable, since nodes are added as needed, administrators can centralize access to any number of NoMachine Enterprise Desktops and servers from the NoMachine Terminal Server range, including clustered Enterprise Terminal Servers. Additional Cloud Servers can even be added to Enterprise Cloud Server, for example, to create a multi-level, extensive and dependable network of hosted resources.
For load optimization and resilience, choose Enterprise Cloud Server Cluster. Its integrated clustering capabilities allow administrators to create a powerful, resilient and highly-available gateway with built-in load-balancing. Access through the gateway is guaranteed even in the event of system failure or downtime, delivering applications and desktops seamlessly and with minimal disruption. Whether it's a small number of users connecting to a shared desktop, an entire university faculty providing a gateway to its myriad of hosted resources or a large organization offering unified high-available access to complex VDI and server infrastructures, your choice of Cloud Server is the single pane of glass for all your NoMachine environments.

Secure and flexible access

Integrate any of the NoMachine Enterprise products with your Cloud Server and as your network of NoMachine desktops and resources grows, simply add them to your Cloud Server. Cloud Server resolves the problem of how to manage unified access to the myriad of desktop nodes and computers dispersed across your organization without compromising security, performance and usability. Whichever product you choose from the Cloud Server portfolio, an intuitive navigation interface makes light work of remote configuration and management of your entire NoMachine infrastructure. It functions as a single point of visibility, so that IT administrators can conveniently add, remove, monitor and configure user access to NoMachine nodes as well as visualize a Cloud Server's hierarchy.
Cloud Server is suitable for any network scenario with security in mind. Remote connection requests via NoMachine are tunnelled to the appropriate desktop even when the nodes are behind a NAT or the Cloud Server host is in a DMZ. If one of the nodes is moved to a different network and changes IP address, thanks to NoMachine's 'inverse connection', nodes will stay connected to the Cloud Server. This also greatly facilitates scenarios where a desktop node can't be reached by the Cloud Server. Just add the node back to the Cloud Server from its new network. In all communications, data transmission is always protected using NoMachine's NX end-to-end encryption with Public Key Cryptography provided by OpenSSL TLS/SSL.

Built for a hybrid environment

With NoMachine Cloud Server products you can easily integrate multiple environments in a single integrated setup. Thanks to the Foreign X server functionality you can mix legacy Unix environments like Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Hewlett Packard HP-UX and BSD. Users can navigate the Cloud Server, select the Unix node they want to connect to and just double-click to get immediate access to their graphical applications without having to go into the complexity of the Unix command line. By installing Enterprise Cloud Server as your entry point, as a single server or in Enterprise Cloud Server Cluster, administrators can seamlessly converge remote access for corporate users to unlimited pools of Unix servers.

Cloud Server for powerful and easy-to-use
remote access management

Intuitive navigation interface

NoMachine Cloud Server products offer a complete navigation, configuration and management interface that is always accessible, even from remote. Navigate the entire Cloud Server infrastructure via a single pane of glass from wherever you are, even via the Web.

Build and configure your NoMachine network

Give administrators the tools they need to build and deploy an entire network of NoMachine desktop nodes and server-based resources. Rapidly add, remove and configure NoMachine nodes as needed. In just a few clicks, access to remote resources can be configured according to your organization’s policies.

Add nodes using the inverse mode

If the Cloud Server cannot add a node because it’s unreachable, do it the other way round! From the node host, activate the inverse connection to the target Cloud Server. Useful for when a desktop node’s IP address changes often or the Cloud Server is in a DMZ.

Node tree visualization

Provide a coherent overview of a Cloud Server’s entire hierarchy. Visualizing the node tree conveniently shows all deployed resources, including any clustered secondary servers, what NoMachine licenses have been deployed as well as OS and hardware details.

Node insights and statistics

An easily accessible and comprehensive snapshot of the status of each node, its configuration, the number of connected users and connection statistics allows IT admin to keep tabs on a Cloud Server’s infrastructure.

Configure node authentication

Admins can separate authentication on the nodes from the Cloud Server to allow users to log in to their desktops with different credentials – useful for when nodes are not domain-joined machines. Guest user access and visitors can also be enabled per node to facilitate remote collaboration sessions.

Put your Cloud Server in cluster

Achieve higher IT operational stability and session availability with Enterprise Cloud Server Cluster. Built-in failover mechanisms prevent disruption from server outages whilst distribution of session requests between the cluster pair maintains a load-balanced gateway.

Complete server administration

As all the NoMachine Enterprise products, the Cloud Server offers a full-featured administration interface, by which you can configure all the server settings, even from remote. Administer any of your NoMachine servers, by just a point-and-click wherever you are, via any NoMachine Player.

Cloud Server Product Family

Check here for the feature comparison of the NoMachine Small Business Cloud Server Family and the NoMachine Enterprise Cloud Server Family. Annual subscriptions are available which include software updates and different levels of support. For complete details about the functionalities available in the specific product, please consult the list below.

NoMachine Small Business Cloud Server

Offers the same rich feature-set as Cloud Server and is perfect for single departments and design studios that need to provide centralized access to remote users from outside the private network. Small Business Cloud Server provides 10 connections to NoMachine-enabled workstations.

NoMachine Cloud Server

For smaller deployments Cloud Server permits up to 20 connections, connecting users located outside the LAN to their NoMachine-enabled computers. Users can connect from any device or Web browser to Windows, Mac or Linux desktops on the corporate network.

NoMachine Enterprise Cloud Server

A remote access gateway which securely tunnels connections to NoMachine Windows, macOS or Linux nodes as well as foreign Unix hosts residing on the corporate network. Ideal for converging access to large user groups, unlimited users can connect from any device, including via a Web browser.

NoMachine Enterprise Cloud Server Cluster

With integrated high-availability and load-balancing capabilities providing automatic failover in the case of a server outage, Enterprise Cluster Cloud Server is a powerful, resilient gateway to your entire desktop and server infrastructure. Unlimited users can connect securely from any device or Web browser without disruption.

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