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NoMachine Enterprise Desktop Family

Remote desktop for your business

NoMachine Enterprise Desktop Family

Work on any computer from the Internet

NoMachine Enterprise Desktop is a game-changer for both businesses and professionals in the remote desktop technology arena. It's a fast, easy-to-use remote access software for Windows, macOS, Raspberry Pi and Linux computers, enabling reliable and secure remote control as well as collaboration capabilities. It's the ideal software for any user that needs to work on their applications and important files back at the office, or for setting up permanent access to an unattended computer. Whether you’re a work from home freelancer, medium-sized company or a large enterprise, Enterprise Desktop enables fast, secure remote access for digital nomads, remote teams and IT support from anywhere, even through an HTML-enabled web browser.

Any remote computing scenario

Whatever your remote connectivity needs, Enterprise Desktop offers a remote desktop experience which feels local. You can stay productive no matter where you are: the remote OS, its files and all its applications just a few clicks away. Users can connect from NoMachine-enabled clients, including from iOS and Android, to any desktop where Enterprise Desktop has been installed. Even applications and data running on HPC Servers in the datacenter and cloud-based workstations can be securely accessed. It's a comprehensive solution that satisfies any use-case letting you control, support, administer, monitor, train or work remotely regardless of where the remote desktop is. Without compromising security, office workers suddenly become "work-from-anywhere" users, including those connecting from clientless endpoints. Hosted desktops can even be deployed to any client via a simple HTML-enabled browser. Any modern browser will suffice, including those of the most popular mobile operating systems.
With Enterprise Desktop your remote desktop is responsive, functional and rich as if you were actually in front of your computer. Not only the screen, keyboard and mouse, but all devices available on the server and on the client work on your remote desktop as if they were physically connected. All your folders, drives and devices work as you expect. By providing an intuitive interface with easily accessible functionality, users can access & share the desktop, edit and stream multimedia, transfer and print files both ways, share USB devices in both directions, record the session, control audio & session quality and more.

Keep your desktop secure

NoMachine remote access software was designed with privacy and security in mind. Whether you are connecting to your device over the internet, LAN or corporate network, any sensitive data is transmitted securely thanks to end-to-end encryption. Additionally, Enterprise Desktop keeps the desktop and its content safe in both attended and unattended remote access set-ups. If your computer is back at the office and with a screen attached, you'll want to be reassured that the contents of the screen aren't visible to others walking by. You can protect sensitive data appearing on the remote display whilst you are connected by blanking the screen. The display of a remote computer can be protected further by enabling the system’s own screen lock which is automatically activated as soon as the last NoMachine user disconnects. Access to the desktop can also be easily turned on and off. If you are working on your desktop and don’t want to be disturbed by incoming requests to connect to your computer, you can disable access to your desktop in just one click. Simply re-enable "shared desktop" mode to allow trusted guests to connect to your desktop.

Deliver a superior remote desktop experience

Being able to securely and reliably access business applications from anywhere is crucial for organizations if they want to maintain their competitive advantage in today's world. For many employees these resources are on a desktop which is somewhere else - at HQ in the next town, on a VM in another country, hosted on a cloud-based service by a provider and so on. A responsive desktop experience is of essence when working remotely regardless of location or network conditions. The application that's running on the remote desktop should surely perform exactly as it does when being accessed locally. Thanks to NoMachine's NX technology, Enterprise Desktop connects users to their hosted desktops and workstations, delivering a smooth and high definition computing experience for even the most graphics-intensive workloads such as those running 4k graphics. Artists, architects, sound engineers or designers can interact with any remote multimedia program or render their animated models from anywhere. NoMachine's NX is designed to deliver these interactive applications over any network because it's a multi-codec solution that dynamically adapts to provide a smooth experience. So much so that users forget they’re not in the office or at their workstation.

Centralized access to all your desktops

Enterprise Desktop can function as a standalone server or you can make it a node of any NoMachine Cloud Server and consolidate access to multiple installations under a single entry point. Your NoMachine desktop installment grows together with your requirements. Start small and add more, as your needs change. You can combine your Enterprise Desktops with a single Cloud Server or with Enterprise Cloud Server Cluster for infinite scalability. Install Enterprise Desktop on any physical or cloud-based virtual Mac, Linux, Windows or ARM computer and simply add them to the Cloud Server. Using a centralized server gateway to access all your Enterprise Desktops provides a secure and reliable remote access point for all your users from any device, even from clientless endpoints through means of a web browser.

All your remote connectivity needs in one product

Smart user interface

NoMachine’s powerful UI installed on connecting clients lets you create remote connections in a click and provides a clear overview of other NoMachine desktops available on your network, all your remote NoMachine sessions and your NoMachine recordings. Filter out entries by entering a keyword in the search box and select from the results.

Remote collaboration

Remote collaboration is facilitated thanks to guest desktop sharing, permitting desktop owners to authorize connections to the desktop either in view-only or interactive modes. You can share what's on the screen with friends and colleagues or let them collaborate on the documents you are working on, as well as help troubleshoot the problems you are experiencing. All securely and under your control.

Track guest access with notifications

Requests to connect to your desktop and information about connected users are conveniently placed in the system tray where you can easily disconnect guests and even disable access to your desktop in one click. You decide who can connect, how and when, all securely and under your control.

Session recording

In the absence of in-person conversations, it can be easier to record what you mean. With NoMachine’s built-in screen recorder you can capture both local and remote desktop activity to create how-tos, describe problems or simply record a weird bug. It’s automatic recording function makes it perfect for auditing and monitoring remote sessions.

Integrated remote management tool

Remotely access and remotely administer the settings of any NoMachine Enterprise server through the new server admin tool. It permits complete and convenient remote configuration management via your usual NoMachine Player.


Annual subscriptions are available which include software updates and different levels of support. For complete details about the functionalities available, please consult the specific product in the list below.

NoMachine Enterprise Desktop

Remote desktop for business professionals and teams. Access any computer as if you're sitting in front of it, including from any HTML-enabled browser. Perfect for remote collaboration or help desk activities, these desktops can be standalone or combined with NoMachine Cloud Server. By adding them to Cloud Server, even at a later time, you can centralize access to all your resources via a single gateway, securely and reliably, through a consistent user interface on all operating systems.

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