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NoMachine Makes First NX 4 Technology Preview Available
2010-12-21 by: Sarah Dryell

The Technology Preview includes a selection of the new features to be released with NX 4, including a revamped client GUI, new server product line, and the highly-anticipated NX Web Player

Rome, Italy, December 21, 2010 - NoMachine, a global leader in cross platform remote access and application delivery solutions, announced a software preview of its upcoming new products and technologies which offer a completely redesigned client GUI and restructure its flagship suite of NX Server. The new products will not only extend the current functionalities of NX application delivery and remote access products, there will also be new naming conventions adopted. This release marks an important milestone in the history of the company. Version 4 of the software, in fact, will be only available under a closed source license.

This initial Preview Release, NX 4 Preview 1, provides users the opportunity to try out and provide feedback on NX Player, the new client GUI, which replaces NX Client of earlier versions, and also of some of the major feature enhancements that will be included in the approaching commercial release of NX 4. NoMachine users can now download and install the NX products provided with this preview and test the performance and functionality capabilities of NX Player, NX Virtual Desktop Workstation and the highly-anticipated NX Web Player. Although this initial preview release serves as an introduction to the upcoming official major release, it does not offer the complete feature-set of NX 4 which is still under heavy development.

Some of the most significant features made available for testing in NX 4 Preview 1 are:

Revamped client GUI and Functionalities
The former NX Client now has a completely redesigned GUI and brand new name, NX Player, and allows users to create and run NX sessions without the need for pre-configuring session parameters. Services and configuration settings can be managed at any time inside the NX session with a new roll-away utility bar.

Access from any Browser-Based Device
NX Web Player is the new application that allows administrators to provide NX sessions on the Web. For this preview, users can try out browser-based sessions on the dedicated NX Testdrive or use the packages provided. The remote desktop and applications are made accessible from any browser-enabled device without the need for installing or configuring any additional software locally.

All-in-one Package
The NX Virtual Desktop Workstation package makes the installation of the NX software easier: just run the installation procedure to have your server ready to run sessions. Included in the package: a minimal Apache Web Server ready to serve the NX Web Player and NX Server Manager.

Improved Video and Audio support
Improvements to video playback have been made by encoding frames into a video stream, increasing the efficiency of bandwidth usage. The new NX multimedia framework has been seamlessly integrated with the most recent versions of Linux eliminating the need to configure the sound server or client. Audio support for Windows and Mac will soon be made available.

File Transfer
Via the NX utility toolbar, users can select and transfer remote files from within the session to the local desktop and vice-versa.

For a complete list of the features available and known limitations please consult the download page of the NX 4 Preview 1.

The preview release not only provides a glimpse of the novelties of NX 4, it introduces users to the entry-level product of NoMachine's new product line: NX Virtual Desktop Workstation. The Workstation edition, offering virtual desktop, remote access functionalities and four concurrent sessions, will eventually replace the current NX Free Edition.

While the performance and usability of NX 4 are of the highest importance to our developers right now, many of the NX veterans will understand that these snapshot releases are the best opportunity for current and new users to get an idea of what's new, such as the brand new client GUI, NX Player, as well as help shape the final version via your ever-important feedback.

To download the NX 4 preview release, including NX Player, please visit

How to Provide Feedback

Users can provide feedback, comments and suggestions via the Contact Us page on the NoMachine website. We look forward to your feedback and providing you with the best NX so far with the official release of NX 4.

About NoMachine
Based in Rome, Italy, NoMachine is the creator of award-winning NX software, an enterprise-class solution for secure remote access, application delivery, and hosted desktop deployment. Since 2001, NoMachine's mission has been to revolutionize the way users access their computing resources across the Internet to make seamless desktop access as easy and widespread as Web browsing. NoMachine provides a comprehensive software infrastructure stack, core development, and support services built around the self-designed and self-developed NX suite of advanced components. For more information about NoMachine NX technology, please visit

Forward-looking statements

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