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Mac OS X Issues Update
2011-07-29 by: Silvia Regis

Rome, Italy, July 29, 2011 - NoMachine has made available a new package of NX Player 4 for Mac OS X, which can be downloaded here. This release concerns all Mac OS X users of NX Player.

A number of issues have been fixed which had been recently reported to us thanks to the input from Mac OS X Lion users adopting NX Player (NX 4 Preview 5). Problems related to NX 3.x.x server compatibility were promptly investigated and dealt with by our developers upon receiving user feedback.

The complete list:


    • NX Player icons may be missing on Mac OS X.
    • NX Player may crash when running the Ctrl + Alt + F key combination.
    • Shadow sessions may be started with a wrong geometry.
    • NX Player may ignore all the custom settings configured with NX Client 3.
    • NX Player can start the session with a wrong size when Display was set to 'Available area' or 'Fullscreen' with NX Client 3.
    • Sessions may have a wrong keyboard layout.
    • Only a reduced set of fonts can be  available inside the session.
    • NX Player may cease to work if the keyboards layout file has a bad format.


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