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NoMachine Cloud Server Introduces WebRTC in Beta
New Functionality in 5.1.40 Enables Video and Audio Streaming in Browser-Based Remote Desktop Sessions
2016-07-19 by: Sarah Dryell

Luxembourg, July 19th, 2016

NoMachine, a global leader in remote access and hosted desktop solutions, today announced the introduction of WebRTC support in its Cloud Server product, thus enabling video and audio streaming when connecting to NoMachine desktops using a WebRTC-enabled browser. Initially in beta status, the functionality will be available to all users of Cloud Server who explicitly enable the feature.

Real-Time Web Communication (WebRTC) allows end-users to participate in audio, video and other forms of collaborative communications without special hardware or additional software plug-ins. By adding support for WebRTC, organizations using NoMachine Cloud Server will be able to deliver audio and video capabilities to all their end users via any browser with WebRTC capabilities such as Firefox, Opera and Chrome.

Dedicated to offering the best remote desktop experience, NoMachine's move to support WebRTC greatly simplifies the way organizations deliver applications and desktops running in the corporate datacenter. NoMachine has traditionally offered HD video and audio streaming capabilities using its native client installed on the local desktop to connect to the remote host. With NoMachine Cloud Server users can start streaming audio and video from their desktop or application to a remote browser. This makes it possible, for instance, to remotely access and control a hosted video application - with low latency and frame accuracy, which are both critical requirements for video professionals.

“Extending NoMachine's enterprise portfolio to support WebRTC is a natural progression and a testament to our continued commitment to our customers, providing a high quality experience and an unparalleled level of productivity", said General Manager, Gaspare Tripi.

This latest release, 5.1.40, also offers a number of further enhancements aimed at users of the NoMachine free version as well as the enterprise-oriented range.

For more details about how to enable WebRTC in Cloud Server, including information about regarding new features and the latest bug fixes, please refer to the Release Notice here:

About NoMachine software

As creators of the award-winning NX Linux Terminal Server, NoMachine offers a proven hosted desktop and remote access solution that helps you consolidate and deliver all your desktops and applications, whether physical, virtual or "in the cloud". Our products radically simplify remote connectivity for both consumers and businesses, delivering applications and desktops to any user, over any network. The software's award-winning performance and enterprise-class remote networking tools make it a complete remote access and hosted desktop solution for any organization.

About Cloud Server

NoMachine's Cloud Server provides top-of-the range functionality and enables users to also access their remote desktop via the web. In just a few clicks, their remote Linux, Mac or Windows desktop is instantly available with no requirement on the connecting device other than a browser. Cloud Server brings together all the multi-node and failover capabilities of Enterprise Server, plus a powerful Apache web server to work out-of-the-box. Tailored for organizations with BYOD policies in place, it not only gives employees a secure, central access point to their remote desktop, it also permits organizations to consolidate all their desktops hosted on other Enterprise Servers under one Cloud Server. For more information about NoMachine Cloud Server, please consult the website.