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NoMachine Makes Minor Fixes and Enhancements Available for Version 4
Update 4.0.366 includes bug fixes for issues affecting previous versions
2013-11-15 by: Sarah Dryell

Luxembourg, November 15, 2013 - NoMachine has released a new software update providing a number of small fixes for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X servers.

Starting from this version you can update your installation from our repositories instead of downloading and installing the new package. Just run the NoMachine GUI from your Programs Menu, access the 'Change server settings' panel and the 'Software update' GUI from there. Then click on the 'Updates' button. If you have the client installed, access the 'Software update' GUI from the 'Change player settings' panel. Administrative permissions are always required to perform updates.

This release includes bug fixes for issues affecting both the free NoMachine product and the Enterprise range for Linux, Mac and Windows. The full list of fix and improvements is available on the website at


Updates to the following products are available in:

NoMachine for Windows/Mac/Linux
NoMachine Workstation for Linux
NoMachine Small Business Server for Linux
NoMachine Terminal Server for Linux
NoMachine Enterprise Desktop for Windows/Mac/Linux
NoMachine Enterprise Server for Windows/Mac/Linux
NoMachine Portal Server for Windows/Mac/Linux

NoMachine 4 brings the power of the successful Linux NX remote access products to the full range of Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. NoMachine's business-oriented suite is a proven hosted desktop delivery solution that helps organizations of any size consolidate and deliver all their desktops and applications, whether physical, virtual or "in the cloud". With NoMachine 4, companies can leverage their heterogeneous environments, made of Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix workstations all needing the same level of power and flexibility in remote access.

About NoMachine

NoMachine wants to revolutionize the way users access all their computing resources across the Internet to make desktop access as easy and widespread as Web browsing. The software's award-winning performance and enterprise-class management tools make it a complete remote access and hosted desktop solution for any organization. Currently there are thousands of NoMachine customers, including many of the Fortune Global 100 and 500 companies. Customers include leading organizations and corporations in all types of industries. Our technology is widely used in government and education, deployed by some of the top government groups and universities around the world. For more information, visit