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Leveraging NoMachine software for success

Thanks to NoMachine, SCS has been able to extend the reach of its media and publishing application suite.
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Find out how ASG is helping customers meet today's IT & business challenges.
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Flowsoft paved the way for extensive adoption of NoMachine within the high-tech industry.
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ECsys leveraged NX to offer Citrix alternative to Dutch market.
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Partner History

Software Consulting Services, LLC (SCS) was founded in Nazareth, PA in 1975 by Martha Cichelli as a contract programming company and started off developing custom applications for clients like American Express and St. Luke's Hospital. As Martha's husband, Richard Cichelli and several members of his staff left the American Newspapers Publishers Association/Research Institute (ANPA/RI) to join SCS, they continued their passion, specializing in providing the newspaper industry with software development, systems engineering and integration, technical support and training.

Richard and his team at ANPA/RI developed the first automated display ad dummying program for newspapers, Layout-80, named after the year in which it was developed. Layout-80 was licensed to SCS as their first product and renamed as Layout-8000 to reflect the improvement of the application.

Enabling the first completely electronic paginated newspaper, Le Droit, a French newspaper in Ottawa, Canada, SCS is a truly innovative leader in their industry. It was this same project that would see SCS write the first Quark Extension, namely LinX, which imports page geometries from Layout-8000 directly into QuarkXpress, helping Quark create the concept of user or other vendor-supplied extensions to QuarkXpress.

With over 30 years of experience as a systems integrator and serving more than 300 newspapers worldwide, the product line at SCS has grown to include most newspaper applications pre-press, advertising order entry and billing, edition design, display ad dummying, classified pagination, ad production workflow tracking, editorial archiving and digital asset management. Enhancements and add-ons for major SCS applications, collectively called The AdBoss Suite, are being developed to enhance information flow and generate additional revenue.

Benefits of Partnership with NoMachine

SCS became a NoMachine partner in 2006 to allow customers to access the media and publishing applications provided by SCS and installed on Linux servers at customers' sites, from either local or remote workstations, typically Windows PCs. Some users work in the same location as the servers and some are accessing the servers remotely.

SCS was the first newspaper vendor to adopt and promote the use of Linux and Open Source software. Linux was selected for SCS's development environment because of its stability and flexibility. SCS creates their software, using their own development tools called Spice, in a Linux, virtual machine environment, but customers can run their applications in various architectures and operating systems.

Designed to fit an array of environments, including Linux-based infrastructures, NX was chosen for optimal performance when accessing SCS's applications. SCS customers working remotely now use NX instead of WebTermX for faster and more reliable application delivery in this environment.

Newspaper customers of SCS across the world use NX to remotely and reliably access newspaper industry programs to design and layout papers and ads from anywhere. With NX, SCS customers have a secure and dependable connection to indispensable resources providing simple access for users with demanding travel schedules, allowing them to proof, edit and complete work to meet deadlines from anywhere. SCS sets up the NX environment and customers are able to easily access applications and programs right away without any training.

Martha said, "As newspapers try to cut costs, one of the solutions for groups of papers is centralization of production services, increasing the number of remote users especially for Layout-8000 for display ad dummying and SCS/ClassPag for classified pagination. We use NX to provide our remote customers with a reliable and fast connection to the centralized server."

"NX has a highly noticeable speed performance difference compared to other remote access solutions. We include NX exclusively in all of our proposals for the Linux Server because we want to offer our customers the best solution possible. We also use NX ourselves here at SCS to connect to our internal network remotely to provide support for our customers and perform other important tasks while traveling or at home."

Customer Examples

Sun Media Group, one of Canada's leading publishers of daily and non-daily newspapers, magazines, and specialty publications, is deploying NX in over 30 Linux-based publications. Flexibility is a top priority in a deadline-driven environment and with the SCS and NX software combination, Sun Media journalists can lay out any paper from any of their four sites, quickly and securely from wherever they might be resulting in efficient, profitable and well-designed editions.

Software Administrator for Sun Media, John Mosley said, "With Layout 8000 from SCS and NoMachine NX we are able to lay out our papers faster without the need to travel. Everything we need is at our fingertips, no matter what our location is, creating an easily manageable network. NoMachine NX's seamless training and set up makes it easy to use and make adjustments along the way as well."

The Derrick is another publication customer of SCS using NoMachine NX daily to access Admax and Layout 8000 applications on the Linux host from users' desktops. Users can easily access the NX Server from various locations to run any application on any PC. The Derrick also found NoMachine NX to be cheaper than competitors, creating an affordable remote access solution.

Systems Administrator for The Derrick, Jon MacPherson, said "NoMachine NX allows us to efficiently and effectively run publishing applications that drive our business. While out of the office and outside normal business hours, we can connect to the server and work just as if we were there. This flexibility has also benefited IT staff in their trouble shooting efforts from remote locations. Any system challenges that arise can be managed immediately on the server infrastructure remotely."

Partner Background

Advanced Systems Group (ASG), a national Open Systems integrator headquartered in Thornton, CO, has been providing comprehensive consulting services, storage and data management solutions, assessments, and implementation services since 1981. As a top ten storage integrator, ASG provides insight, experience and expert knowledge to align IT organizations with their key business objectives, thereby, developing the best solution for meeting data management requirements.

Focusing on providing customized comprehensive solutions to Fortune 500 companies with mission-critical business applications, ASG adds value in six key areas:

  • Server and storage consolidation
  • Storage and data management
  • Systems Integration
  • Systems, database and network management
  • Virtualization consulting and implementation
  • Data center Moves

With highly qualified and knowledgeable engineers, ASG matches customer requirements with the right technologies and vendors to create a solution that best addresses the customer's issues. ASG engineers maintain the highest level of software certifications, including NoMachine, Solaris, Linux, Windows, VMware and AIX.

NX Provides a Scalable, Flexible Solution to Reduce IT Costs

A NoMachine Value partner, ASG offers all NoMachine products integrated with their own solutions to provide a flexible way for ASG customers using Windows or Linux servers to run Solaris, and vice-versa, from remote offices for application access without requiring additional hardware investments. NoMachine NX is an easy and cost effective remote access solution for multiple operating system and software environments.

"After extensive research and a technical product bake-off, ASG chose to partner with NoMachine NX to provide X-Windows deployments for their customers worldwide. NX is an easy to use, cost-effective, high performance solution with excellent technical support. It is the most affordable solution on the market and it has been in production at our client sites for several years," said Sales Executive for Advanced Systems Group, Pam Massey.

Proposing the NX solution to all customers, many of ASG's large enterprise clients in the engineering and banking industries using Solaris have found NX to be a very successful and affordable solution for desktop and application access. NoMachine also offers a very scalable solution, permitting NX users to change and adapt their current server subscription to match their dynamic number of users and operating systems. ASG's NX users typically have an engineering focus and employees geographically dispersed around the world.

Unlimited Application Access for a Reduced Cost

NX provides high performance remote access services like application delivery and hosted desktop deployment for a fraction of the cost of what competitors charge. NoMachine is up to 70% less expensive than similar solutions on the market, and it performs well on almost any platform. It provides user access to connect from anywhere in the world. A simple, but powerful and secure solution, NX has provided the following benefits to ASG customers.

  • Reduced costs
  • Flexibility for remote X-Windows capabilities
  • Scalability to fit customer requirements
  • Supports Solaris (SPARC) and Linux
  • Secure remote access

Providing NX to one of the world's leading semiconductor companies and one of the largest imaging-solutions companies in the world, ASG customers use NX to access CAD and manufacturing applications from all of their remote design centers and engineering locations. Together, ASG and NoMachine provide a powerful and cost effective solution with NX providing a secure X-Windows development environment.

Partner History

Located in Israel, Flowsoft Ltd. was founded by Amnon Nessim in 1998 as a software and system solution provider, specializing in server-based solutions for Internet/Intranet and mobile environments. In 2003 Flowsoft shifted focus to IT support and consultancy and network integration, focusing on professional Linux and Open Source services. With a mission of supplying clients with the best service for their specific needs, Flowsoft is committed to providing and supporting the most cutting-edge technologies.

Flowsoft offers four types of closely related services that work together to create a successful IT infrastructure: software development, UNIX and system administration, outsourcing and consultancy and system analysis. In all of these categories, Flowsoft offers rapid development dividing the process into several stages to be completed more efficiently. Flowsoft provides successful solutions that can adapt to changing IT requirements from the aspects of design and development to pricing.

Benefits of Partnership with NoMachine

A leader in providing cutting-edge technologies and solutions, Flowsoft was one of the first to heavily run platforms like Linux and Unix. Paving the way in new technologies and providing access to new development platforms, Flowsoft became a NoMachine partner as early as 2005 and pairs their solutions with NX to offer customers access to multiple environments from the same machine or remotely from home or anywhere.

With an increasing amount of customers in the high-tech industry requiring access to the Linux environment and development tools from Windows machines and remotely, NX effectively filled a void in the service line up and allows Flowsoft to provide a complete solution. NX provides engineers in these development companies with remote access, desktop and application delivery from any location or platform presenting users with the environment they need.

With the increase of remote multi-platform access especially during Corona times, NX also helps Flowsoft customers reduce costs cutting back on travel and eliminating the need for new hardware. The Linux environment is stored on one main central server and can be accessed from recycled computers using various OSes.

"Flowsoft chose to partner with NoMachine because NX technology brings our services and offerings full circle," said Flowsoft founder and CEO, Amnon Nessim. "NX completes our solutions allowing clients to efficiently access a Linux environment and development tools from a Windows machine and remotely from anywhere. Being able to work in both Windows for day-to-day operations and Linux for development from the same machine eliminates the need for additional hardware or excess travel leading to reduced operating costs."

Customer Examples

DSP Group, Inc. is a leading global provider of wireless chipset solutions for converged communications at home. Delivering system solutions that combine semiconductors and software with reference designs, DSP Group enables consumer electronics (CE) manufacturers and service providers to cost effectively develop innovative revenue-generating applications with fast time to market.

With over six NoMachine NX Enterprise Servers deployed in Israel, Europe and the United States, nearly 100 DSP engineers from various branches around the world can work on the same projects in the semiconductor field as if they were in the same location. These projects are the core of their company business and collaboration is also possible from home with remote access via NX.

After carefully conducting various tests on the different remote access and desktop and application delivery tools available, NX provided the best solution by far, providing low bandwidth usage and a high quality user experience. With NX, engineers can access a central environment and tools to perform research and design from any location around the world, increasing productivity without any restrictions on location. NX provides unrivaled speed and tools like the session resume feature allowing engineers to work on data centers of different branches abroad.

NoMachine was also deployed by Flowsoft in world renowned Israeli Universities including Tel Aviv University, Bar Ilan University, Open University, Haifa University allowing students and faculty to leverage the power of Linux more easily. Leading companies in the semiconductor field in Israel use NoMachine as the main tool to access their Linux environment, including Avnet Asic Israel, Adasky, Corning, Innoviz, Gilat, Habana, Kioxia and many more.

ECsys: The Linux and Open Source Expert for IT Business Solutions

ECsys was founded in 2003 by Johan Verhoogt and Nieck Zanen to meet the growing need for Linux and Open Source business solutions. Headquartered in Zeewolde, The Netherlands, ECsys provides IT software and systems for organizations in the government, healthcare, and other industries.

ECsys facilitates improved IT infrastructures through innovative products, such as the Zarafa Collaboration Platform (a Linux alternative to Microsoft Exchange), as well as services that include:

  • Groupware
  • Data storage
  • networking
  • Linux migration
  • Virtualization
  • Server based computing
  • Collaboration
  • Remote access
  • Security
  • Voice over IP

After positive experiences working with Linux and Open Source, ECsys wanted to offer the Dutch market an easy-to-use, cost-effective alternative to Windows and Microsoft. ECsys discovered that NoMachine provided the best performance and usability in a remote access solution. Experiencing nothing but success while working with NX, ECsys decided to become a NoMachine partner, adopting the technology and integrating it with their solutions.

“NoMachine NX is a powerful, cost-effective network computing and remote access solution that has allowed us to develop new IT business solutions for the new and growing market of Linux and Open Source users. With NoMachine NX, we were able to break into the Linux market and effectively meet the demands of our new customers,” explains company founder Nieck Zanen.

Expanding to New Markets with NoMachine NX

NX provides a safe and secure, high-performance remote access and network computing solution that enables ECsys to access their customer's environment, regardless of location, to assist in determining optimal IT solutions. ECsys uses NoMachine's NX software to access a terminal server from PCs or thin clients and to perform remote management of Linux systems. NX serves as a cost-effective alternative for Citrix or Windows Terminal Server.

Through their partnership with NoMachine, ECsys has experienced:

  • Increased access to NX developers
  • Enhanced NX support
  • Exclusive access to marketing material and other resources
  • Development of new products and services
  • Expansion to wider markets
  • Increased in sales

ECsys developed two new products as part of their portfolio to meet their customers' evolving needs. Implementing NX technology as a key component of each, ECsys' standard Linux terminal server is a combination of the NX Server and the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, and their NX Server offers a remote access solution for Windows Terminal Server and Linux Terminal Servers.

Maximize IT Investments With NX

ECsys' largest NX user is the Dutch Ministry of Defense. The government agency deploys an NX Server Farm running up to 250 sessions per server to maximize the value of their hardware. Supporting over 4,000 concurrent Linux special-purpose desktop sessions with a total of 45,000 users, NX provides high-performance remote desktop sessions on demand. NX also helps the Ministry meet strict security requirements by providing employees with remote access to Web browser applications on a centralized server, eliminating the need for a direct Internet connection on local machines.

With a 50% decrease in the total cost of ownership (TCO), ECsys chose NX to replace a previous Windows desktop-based terminal server solution. The Dutch Ministry of Defence is now evaluating an expansion of their NX infrastructure with a migration to Linux desktops for normal office use to further reduce the TCO of desktops.

ECsys' first customer to realize the benefits of Open Source and NoMachine NX solutions also saw an extreme reduction in costs from NX. ECsys helped RIAGG Rijnmond, a mental health organization located in Rotterdamn, The Netherlands, migrate approximately 300 remotely dispersed workstations to Linux Xubuntu desktops. RIAGG is currently in the process of migrating from a Citrix environment to a Linux terminal server farm. NX enables this solution offering a high level of support and development for the Linux environment. Currently, through NX technology, the Linux desktop is fully functioning and the applications accessed are web-enabled applications, eliminating the use of a Windows-based desktop completely.