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Disabling access to your local desktop

If you have installed NoMachine on your PC or Mac and you just wish to use it as a client to connect to another remote computer, there are two ways you can disable connections to your desktop.

1) Via the connection GUI.

Open the NoMachine GUI from the Applications or Programs menu. Click on 'Preferences'. (Fig. 1)

Fig. 1 - Access NoMachine settings via the connection GUI
And then click 'Connections'.
Fig. 2 - Click on Connections

2) Or via the NoMachine !M icon which is located in the system tray of your operating system.

Click on 'Show the connection status'.

Fig. 3 - The NoMachine icon in the system tray on Mac > Show the connection status
3) Whichever way you choose, you can select to disable connections to your computer permanently or re-enable them at reboot. Click on the 'On/Off' button at the top and make your choice (Fig. 4).
Fig. 4 - Shutdown NoMachine to disable connections
4) Once disabled, no users will be able to connect, and the NoMachine !M icon will be removed from your system tray.
5) To re-enable connections to your computer, open the connection GUI from the programs/apps menu and follow the steps above again. "Connections - Off" will be visible at the top of the UI (Fig. 5). Click on it to re-enable NoMachine connections.
Fig. 5 - Re-enable connections to the desktop