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Disabling access to your local desktop

If you have installed NoMachine on your PC or Mac and you just wish to use it as a client to connect to another remote computer, you can easily disable incoming connections to your desktop.

  • Click on the !M icon (the "Monitor") in your system tray. Click on 'Show the server status' (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 - Click on 'Show the server status'

  • Click on the button next to 'Connections' to turn off access, i.e to switch the server off.
  • NoMachine will ask you whether you want to re-enable at reboot. Clicking 'No' will keep access to the desktop disabled (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 - Choose whether to re-enable access to the desktop at the next reboot

  • Once disabled, no users will be able to connect, and the NoMachine !M icon will be removed from your system tray.
  • To re-enable connections to your computer, follow the steps above again. "Connections - Off" will be visible at the top of the GUI (Fig. 3). Click on it to re-enable NoMachine connections.

Fig. 3 - Access to the desktop is now disabled