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Managing the NoMachine 'Server settings'

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When NoMachine has been installed on the computer that you want to connect to, it is ready to be remotely accessed out-of-the-box! However, you might want to change the default settings or configure the computer for a specific scenario. The NoMachine Server User Interface is a graphical interface to allow you to manage the most common settings of the server and tune access to the computer where NoMachine is installed. This is done in the NoMachine 'Server settings' which is reachable via the Monitor icon in the system tray of the computer's OS.

How to access NoMachine settings for the desktop you want to connect to

Opening NoMachine 'Server settings'

  • Go to the computer that you want to remotely access.
  • Click on the '!M' icon in the computer's system tray.
  • Select 'Show server status' (Fig. 1).
Access server preferences via the NoMachine monitor icon

Fig. 1 – 'Show server status' in the !M icon

  • You are now in 'Server settings' for the NoMachine server host (Fig. 2).
  • From here you can configure all aspects of the remote computer including file transfer management, how you receive software updates, device sharing, multimedia, disabling access and screen blanking. For full details about NoMachine's server settings and services, check out the Guide to the NoMachine Server User Interface.
 If the !M icon isn't showing, you can access settings via the Player

Fig. 2 – In 'Server settings' you can configure services, security, devices and more



If the !M icon isn't in your system tray, check that you didn’t perhaps disable it previously. You can access the server settings and check the server status via the User Interface. Just follow the steps below:

  • Open NoMachine from the desktop shortcut icon or your computer's Programs Menu.
  • Click on 'Settings' (Fig. 3).
Options available are Services, Security, Devices, Transfers, Performance and Updates

Fig. 3 – Access 'Server settings' via 'Settings' in the NoMachine Interface

  • To access 'Server settings', make sure 'Server' is the highlighted option (Fig. 4).
  • Click on 'Status' to access the NoMachine server status as seen in Fig. 2 already.
  • To re-enable the server, click on ‘Restart the server’.
Access Server settings to configure services, security, devices and more

Fig. 4 – Select 'Status' to enter Server status


NoMachine is free for everybody to use

Free for home and non-commercial use


If you're looking for fast and reliable remote access that enables you to work from home and provide remote support to friends, download and install NoMachine. You can access all your files, view all your videos, play all your audio, edit your documents and more.