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Fedora 8 Users Read Here
2007-11-21 by: Sarah Dryell

Rome, Italy, November 21, 2007 - A number of reports and blog entries on the Net are discussing problems that users are having with running NX on Fedora 8.

NoMachine developers are aware of these bugs and have opened the necessary Trouble Reports (TRs) to get them fixed in as short a time as possible. Users are kindly invited to consult the links below to obtain further details and check if workarounds exist. The TRs also provide targets to indicate to users when an official fix has been released.

The current Trouble Reports open for Fedora 8 are:

  NX Node may be unable to verify if the /tmp/.X11-unix exists on Fedora 8

  SELinux may prevent NX sessions from starting on Fedora 8

  SELinux may prevent GNOME sessions from starting on Fedora 8

Users can contact NoMachine developers about the bug reports if they wish to by writing to us.

The NoMachine Team