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NoMachine ESD Port for Win32 is available
2010-05-04 by: Silvia Regis

Rome, Italy, May 4, 2010 - NoMachine has made available a Win32 port of ESD, the Enlightenment Sound Daemon. Although this port compiles with the latest Audio File Library which is at the present moment version 0.2.7, NoMachine also releases its modified version libaudiofile 0.2.6. This version provides a modification, i.e. the ability to open some kind of files in binary mode which can be useful for the ESD client on Win32.

Available Features

This port adds the Win32 compat layer providing support for:

  • Play sound using the Win32 API.
  • Accept network connections using Winsock.

  • Compile natively with Visual C++ 2005 and the Platform SDK for Windows XP or later and MingW under a Cygwin environment.


Download the NoMachine ESD Win32 Port

You can download the latest version of theESD port for Win32 from the NoMachine Web site at the following URL:

Build and Installation Instructions

Instructions are available on the NoMachine knowledge base at:

Open Issues

The software has been only summarily tested thus far and we strongly discourage users from installing it on production machines at this stage. The ESD server should already support all functionalities of the original code. Preliminary tests have pointed out some issues such as:

  • When launching the Esound daemon with debug options (e.g. esd.exe -tcp -promiscuous -public -port 8888 -vt -vc -vm) it seems that sound is smoother.
  • Sometimes a gap of few seconds may occurr between the execution of esd and the beep signaling that ESD is ready to work.

The ESD client, on the other hand, compiles natively on the Win32 platform but requires more extensive tests to verify if all the expected functionalities are available at this stage of development.