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NoMachine NX Enables ITER Organization Work Towards Greener Energy
NX contributes to the development of sustainable energy by providing ITER worldwide collaborators with remote desktop access to centralized software and development environments
2010-05-25 by: Katie Glossner

May 25, 2010, Rome, Italy – NoMachine NX plays an important role in ITER Organization's efforts to develop fusion energy, reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and damage to the environment. NX provides ITER Domestic Agencies around the world with secure remote access to ITER services and software stored on centralized servers at ITER Organization's headquarters in Cadarache, France.

Established to develop a new, cleaner, sustainable source of energy, ITER Organization has become one of the largest and most ambitious worldwide science projects ever conducted. The Control Data Access and Communication (CODAC) Department builds the central control system for the ITER Experimental Tokamak and uses NX to manage remote collaborator's manufacturing and enable interaction of other systems with the central system.

These collaborating ITER Domestic Agencies are located around the globe in China, Europe, India, Japan, Russian Federation, South Korea and USA. They have CODAC development systems available locally, but are provided remote access via NX to the frequently updated development environment and software as they are synchronized and verified with the central services.

As ITER strives to produce renewable energies, NX helps to implement greener IT practices, driving down energy costs and other IT operating expenses such as travel and hardware expenditure. ITER Domestic Agencies can access a reference Instrumentation and Control hardware without additional purchases or investments, to be used for testing purposes from wherever they are located around the world. NX is an efficient and less-energy-intensive technology that eliminates the need for ITER collaborators to travel by allowing them to access resources from anywhere remotely.

“NoMachine NX has enabled the CODAC Department of the ITER Organization to deploy an easily manageable and accessible IT infrastructure, providing a remote access solution for truly international collaboration with the ITER Project,” said Control Systems and Engineer for CHD/CODAC & IT, Petri Makijarvi.

Using remote access from NoMachine NX to support research, ITER Organization is working towards producing viable commercial energy from fusion. The ITER fusion device will replace energy sources that harm the environment with the goal of delivering 10 times the power it consumes. Using NX to provide worldwide access to resources, ITER strives toward the Age of Fusion, an age of the future where energy needs are met with a universally available and environmentally safe resource.

About NoMachine
Based in Rome, Italy, NoMachine is the creator of award-winning NX software, an enterprise-class solution for secure remote access, application delivery, and hosted desktop deployment.  Since 2001, NoMachine's mission has been to revolutionize the way users access their computing resources across the Internet to make seamless desktop access as easy and widespread as Web browsing.  NoMachine provides a comprehensive software infrastructure stack, core development, and support services built around the self-designed and self-developed NX suite of advanced components. For more information about NoMachine NX technology, please visit

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