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NoMachine Ports OpenSSH to Windows
2010-09-14 by:

A final step towards removing Cygwin dependencies, new Win32 port of OpenSSH includes both client and server, implementing a majority of the functionalities found in the original code

Sept. 14, 2010 Rome, Italy – NoMachine today reconfirms its port of OpenSSH to the Win32 platform.  Already announced to the Portable OpenSSH Project, this recent release highlights the implementations that developers can see in the code released by NoMachine.

A port of OpenSSH for Windows would finally permit users to install portable OpenSSH without Cygwin, permitting login to a remote Windows machine securely; a functionality that has often been requested and attempted by many technical users and developers alike, but without success thus far.

The OpenSSH Portability Team and their mailing-list readers were encouraged to take a closer look at the code with an aim to eventually integrate the port into the official portable OpenSSH suite, thus permitting it to finally extend support to the Windows platform. As NoMachine has stated, minimal evolvement would be necessary to fix compilation issues, and make its port of portable OpenSSH run as a service on Windows, finally removing the need for Cygwin completely.

The port has been published in NoMachine's OSS archive on the official NoMachine website here: Any questions regarding the port and its source code can also be submitted directly to NoMachine.

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