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NoMachine NX Ranks High on List of Best Linux Remote Desktop Clients
Tech Radar UK
2010-09-28 by: Katie Glossner

NoMachine receives a high rating and positive review for its unique, high quality security and performance it provides in delivering remote desktops and applications

Rome, Italy September 28, 2010 – NoMachine's NX Client receives an 8/10 rating and according to Nick Veitch's review, appearing in Linux Format and on Techradar, is one of the best Linux remote desktop clients available on today's market.

The review speaks of NoMachine's simple philosophy where every aspect of remote display fits into a server-client software relationship, creating an approach completely different from the standard VNC setup. Using SSH encryption, the NX protocol delivers a high level of security. Bandwidth usage is reduced through NX's smart data compression methods and clever caching.

Recognized for multi-platform support, NoMachine NX also supports RPC for Windows machines using a similar interface and acting as a general remote access tool. Acknowledging NoMachine's flexibility, the article mentions the ability to make NX sessions easily available with easy pre-configuration from the NX Client software and then being able to save them as settings.

Some of the functionalities that were questioned in this article will be addressed and improved with the upcoming NX 4.0 release. Firstly, the number of software packages to install on the server side can often be the main obstacle for newcomers. For this reason, NoMachine is introducing a new easy-to-install product, NX Connect,  which will provide users with one unique software package that installs NX Client, Node and Server automatically without the need for any further configuration.

Secondly, to make the NX Client more user-friendly and visually appealing, NoMachine has completely redesigned the GUI with NX 4.0. Services and settings can all be managed at one place inside the session at anytime, including session configuration. This will be possible via the new utility toolbar offering users on-the-fly access to an array of functionalities.

Lastly, this article mentions NoMachine's lack of server software for Windows and Mac, but with the quickly approaching release of NX 4.0, this will no longer be true. In NX 4.0, NoMachine has extended native platform support by offering NX Connect for Windows and Mac OS.

Regarding these questioned functionalities, Nick Veitch writes, “But all that goes by the by when you see it run. Whatever magic pixies sit in the pipes pushing the data through, they do an incredible job. NX on NX definitely gives the best user experience...”

NX 4.0 will not only deliver an impressive and powerful feature-set,  it will bring with it a whole new concept of remote desktop access offering state-of-the art performance and portability. To learn more about NoMachine NX 4.0 visit

About NoMachine
Based in Rome, Italy, NoMachine is the creator of award-winning NX software, an enterprise-class solution for secure remote access, application delivery, and hosted desktop deployment. Since 2001, NoMachine's mission has been to revolutionize the way users access their computing resources across the Internet to make seamless desktop access as easy and widespread as Web browsing. NoMachine provides a comprehensive software infrastructure stack, core development, and support services built around the self-designed and self-developed NX suite of advanced components. For more information about NoMachine NX technology, please visit

About NX 4.0
NX 4.0, the next major software version from NoMachine will be the largest release yet including a record number of new products, tools and features. Some of the cutting-edge technology to be delivered includes NX Servers for Windows and Mac with the new NX Connect and browser-based access from anywhere with the new NX Web Player. For a complete list of the products and features that will be available in NX 4.0 please visit For more details, please access the feature requests in the NoMachine Knowledge Base or contact us.