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Top-Tier European Universities Rely on NoMachine NX Software
2011-04-19 by: Sarah Dryell

Increasing demand for academic and research applications on and off campus delivered via NX

Rome, Italy - April 19, 2011 - NoMachine announced today that is has reconfirmed the growing adoption of NX among many of the leading European higher education institutions. Top-tier universities across Europe in the UK, Switzerland, Germany and Scandinavia ranked in the 2010-2011 Times Higher Education Supplement deploy NX remote access and application delivery technology to get access to extensive campus-based computing facilities.

University environments are as large and complex as conventional corporate IT environments. Yet university IT departments face a unique problem of fewer resources compounded with diverse demands from a fluctuating group of both on-campus and remote faculty and student users. Academic IT managers are expected to provide a secure and reliable computing experience while keeping costs well within tight budgets.

These have been well-documented driving factors for universities in their adoption of Linux-based IT environments. The market demand and academic need for NoMachine's hosted desktop and application delivery solutions among higher education institutions continues to grow as Linux server-based operating systems usage increases and cross-platform virtual desktop computing becomes the norm. NX Server provides native access to hosted Linux and Solaris virtual desktops and applications as well as remote Windows, Mac and Unix machines. This cross-platform nature of NX supports a flexible application and platform mix, permitting users of diverse OS desktops to securely connect to almost any remote server-based application that a university hosts.

In 2010, NoMachine NX was already deployed in 80% of the top 20 US universities. Now the company has verified that more than half of Europe's top-ranked universities use NX to deliver both scientific and business-related computing environments to students and staff on and off campus. Several top-tier universities and research units across the globe have made the switch to NoMachine NX to deliver extremely affordable, high-performing hosted Linux and proprietary desktop solutions for their scientific and business computing applications without sacrificing trusted support, manageability and security. Hardware, software and travel costs are also subsequently lowered and productivity is increased owing to the mobile connectivity that NX provides.


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NoMachine is the creator of award-winning NX software, an enterprise-class solution for secure remote access, application delivery, and hosted desktop deployment. NoMachine revolutionizes the way users access their computing resources across the Internet to make seamless desktop access as easy and widespread as Web browsing. NoMachine provides a comprehensive software infrastructure stack, core development, and support services built around the self-designed and self-developed NX suite of advanced components. For more information about NoMachine NX, visit