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Mac OS X Lion Users Read Here
2011-07-21 by: Silvia Regis

Rome, Italy, July 21, 2011 - NoMachine is aware that from the release of Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), Apple will no longer support the PowerPC emulator, Rosetta. As users of NX Client for Mac will know, 3.5.0 and earlier has been natively compiled for PPC and requires the Rosetta translator to be present on the OS X device. Consequently, NX Client will not function on Lion installations. 

With the approaching release of NX 4, the new client, namely NX Player, will be natively built for Mac Intel and therefore will work without Rosetta support. Although NX Player requires an NX 4 server in order to take advantage of all the new functionalities, it maintains backward compatibility and can be used to connect to NX 3.x servers. Users of Lion and NX Client 3.5.0, or earlier versions, will have to install NX Player in order to connect to their remote NX server. Users can read our original article about offering a native client for the Mac Intel architecture here.

A preview version of NX Player 4 for Mac OS X is already available in the download section. Note that this is not a final version and can be still affected by some minor issues. Our developers are focused on bringing NX 4 up to the level of quality that all users and customers expect from us.

NoMachine invites all its customers and users who have any questions about using NX Player Preview with Lion to contact us. If there are any issues which you consider bugs, it would be helpful to our developers if you sent in additional information as explained in this article in order to allow us to speed up investigations and eventual fixes.

Whilst NoMachine is committed to fixing problems in as short time as possible, users should check our website from to time to get updates about the latest version of NX Player. Furthermore, to keep up-to-date with our software releases, users are invited to sign up to our mailing list, NX Announce:

The NoMachine Team