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Astronomy Research Stays on Track with NoMachine NX
2011-08-03 by: Sarah Dryell

NX software keeps leading astronomy researchers connected to remote desktops and applications

Rome, Italy, August 3, 2011 – University astronomy and physics departments worldwide depend on NoMachine's NX software to connect off-campus researchers and students with on-campus desktops and applications. This continuous access to resources ensures the steady progress of projects and discoveries.

“It is a case of allowing the work to progress faster because the academics can work from home as well as work and resubmit computer jobs throughout the day/evening. Also the astronomers can work just as easily when observing at a telescope on top of a mountain as they can in Cambridge,” explains University of Cambridge Institute of Astronomy computer officer, Andrew Batey. His department utilizes NX software to connect more than 40 users back to department resources when they need to work from off-campus. Users are able to take advantage of data and graphic-intensive manipulation and visualization software from even the slowest home internet connections, so large projects do not have to be put on hold for the night, over the weekend or during observing runs.

The University of Leicester's X-Ray and Observational Astronomy (XROA) group, part of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, also depend on NX to connect remote users back to the department's system. “Our researchers and students work as productively in the field and at home just as they would when in the office,” says Systems Manager, Mark Mahabir. “NX gives our staff the full desktop experience when away from the department. It is fast, extremely useful...easy to install.” More than 250 XROA users can check email, visit websites, work on programming, and conduct data analysis while at remote sites or offices. Even heavy astronomy software, such as XMM SAS, STARLINK and HEASOFT, can be used just as easily as if users were on campus.

Astronomy departments at the Christian-Albrechts-Universitat and Cornell University, among others, also utilize NX. The software's popularity stems not only from its reliability, speed, and security, but also from its ease of use among administrators and users alike. With clients available for Linux, Solaris, Windows and Mac, NX provides flexibility for researchers to be more productive, facilitating access to the hosted applications and environments regardless of location.


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