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NoMachine Makes Improvements to the OpenSSH Win32 Port
2012-01-30 by: Silvia Regis

Rome, Italy, January 30, 2012 - Improvements made by NoMachine developers to the port of OpenSSH to Win32 are now available: 

A new package is available for supporting SSHD key authentication

The NoMachine Local Security Authority package (nxlsa) makes SSHD server able to fully support RSA/DSA key authentication method. Installing this tool requires administrative privileges and a reboot of the machine.

The ssh.keygen tool and other tools have been ported to Win32

All the basic functionalities related to the creation of the key-pairs have been fully ported to Windows. Additionally, the sftp-server and sftp-client programs, the ssh-agent and ssh-add are available too.

The SSH client supports MIT Kerberos for Windows and authorization based on smartcard devices.

The SSH server can be installed as a Win32 service

SSHD can now be installed as a service by means of the sc.exe command line tool for Windows. Since command line parameters are not passed to the SSHD process, a default sshd_config file is searched in default locations such as installation directory where the sshd.exe executable file is located or the 'etc' directory, under the installation directory

Other improvements to the SSH server

SSHD is able to manage login also when the account doesn't have administrative privileges; login has been speeded up and  logging facilities have been improved. Now all instances of the SSH server log to the same file and SSHD creates a minidump file if a crash occurs.

Besides these implementations, a number of problems and limitations have been solved. Among those fixed are:

  • Number of sessions limited to 10.
  • Possible crashes of SSHD such as those that may occur when it is running on Windows 7 at 64bit or  when a great number of connection is sstablished.
  • The home directory may be not detected properly on Windows 7 when the user domain is set to NULL.

For a complete list of changes and fixes, you may refer to the README file included in the OpenSSH source package ready for download on the NoMachine Web site or available here:

Download the NoMachine OpenSSH Win32 Port

You can download the latest version of the OpenSSH port for Win32 and the new package nxlsa from the NoMachine Web site at the following URL:

Build and Installation Instructions

Instructions are available on the NoMachine knowledge base at: