Enterprise Server Family

Provide secure remote access to centralized enterprise desktops and applications

NoMachine Cloud Server

NoMachine's Cloud Server provides top-of-the range functionality of Enterprise Server and enables users to manage their entire remote desktop session via a web interface. It does not matter where they are, a few clicks and their remote Linux, Mac or Windows desktop is instantly available with no requirement on the connecting device other than a browser. Cloud Server brings together all the multi-node and failover capabilities of Enterprise Server, plus a powerful Apache web server to work out-of-the-box. Tailored for organizations with BYOD policies in place, it not only gives employees a secure, central access point to their remote desktop, it also permits organizations to consolidate all their desktops hosted on other Enterprise Servers under one Cloud Server.
  • Deliver a secure web-based, single point of access to all desktops
  • Provide access to multiple Enterprise Servers on the network
  • Deploy desktops via the browser to work on programs, documents and emails
  • Display remote data on small devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • Native clipboard support, for copy and paste from remote to locale and vice-versa
  • Regulate display quality to fit bandwidth
  • Screenshot functionality facilitates remote support
  • No complex integration, easy to install and configure
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Select from the Enterprise Server family of products for remote desktop and terminal server capabilities, application delivery technology and multi-node clustering. Suitable for organizations of all sizes.
Supported platform
Concurrent connections
Product type
Technical assistance
Automatic updates
Who is it for
What is it for
What it replaces in NX 3.5.0
Desktop Access
Access and share the physical desktop
Deploy virtual Linux desktops and applications
Reconnection to desktops on Linux
Desktop access via the browser
Access to multiple Enterprise Servers and their desktops
Access from Android & iOS clients
Web Companion for publishing desktops & apps on your website
Connect to hosts via RDP, VNC and XDM
Connect to Unix workstations and servers running Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, BSD and every X-Windows based environment
Multi-media support
Video streaming
Audio streaming
H.264 server side support
H.264 client side support
Take screenshot
Whiteboard and chat tool
Screen recording
Run VOIP applications
Device support and drive mapping
Multi-monitor support and switch view between remote displays
Export disks from local to remote and vice-versa
Export printers from local to remote and vice-versa
USB forwarding
Create VPN between client and server
Export network services
Security & Authentication
Screen blanking of host display
Secure communication protected by SSL cryptography
Full encryption for UDP traffic
Kerberos password authentication
PAM based authentication
Integrate with LDAP authentication infrastructure and MS Active Directory
HTTP proxy connections
Support for industry standard SSH protocol
Kerberos ticket authentication and ticket forwarding to the session
Smartcard authentication and authentication forwarding to the session
User Administration & User Management
Custom scripts executable on server and node events
Generation of system account on demand (Guest Users)
Server profiles (per-user and groups) with configurable access to applications and functionalities
Trusted users
Trusted groups
Support for client redirection per-user & per-IP
Node Capabilities & Management
Add both NoMachine and 'foreign' nodes via administration GUI
Federate nodes under one server
Load-balancing of sessions to remote Linux nodes
Entry-point for access to remote desktops
Manual selection of the node by user
High-availability & failover capabilities
NoMachine Enterprise
From $ 794.50 per year
Bundle of 10 licenses
Businesses with mixed OS desktops & mobile workers
Remote desktop access, support & collaboration
NoMachine Enterprise
From $3,494.50 per year
Server license
Organizations with multi-platform environments and extensive user management needs
Consolidation, management and delivery of extensive hosted & federated desktop infrastructures
NX Advanced Server
NoMachine Cloud
From $ 4,494.50 per year
Server license
Organizations with multi-platform environments and mobile employees who need web-based remote access
Providing access to desktops hosted on Enterprise Servers and Nodes via the browser
(1) Add on Enterprise Desktops, Workstations and/or Terminal Server Nodes for Linux
(2) Coming soon in the browser
(3) Not supported in web session
(4) With AVC Pack, purchased separately, for systems with no residing H.264 decoder
Under development
Supported Under development