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NoMachine Enterprise Client

Secure remote access to enterprise desktops and applications

NoMachine Enterprise Client


Enterprise Client enables fast and secure access to your remote PC or desktop computer where you have installed one of the NoMachine server products. It provides a powerful connection interface, named the NoMachine Player, packed with all the features you need to work with your remote desktop. This package is available for those who prefer just a standalone "client-side" application, either because regulatory requirements dictate that connecting clients must stay as thin clients, or simply because a scaled-down client app is your personal preference. It's free to download and can be used to connect remotely from any Windows, Linux, Mac, ARM or Raspberry device to a computer where you have installed a NoMachine Enterprise product or the NoMachine Free Edition.



NoMachine Enterprise Client sports the same features regardless of which NoMachine server you are connecting to. To check the features of its parent products, follow the links above.