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Terminal Server Family

A server-based computing solution for deploying Linux desktops and applications

NoMachine Enterprise Terminal Server

NoMachine Enterprise Terminal Server provides secure and reliable access to mission-critical, specialized Linux desktops from any operating system and device, letting you federate all your desktop nodes under a single server. Organizations can conveniently centralize access, management and monitoring whilst empowering their users to run high-end, graphic-intensive OpenGL-based X applications without performance degradation. Create pools of Linux desktop nodes (Terminal Server Nodes) and scale up access to users' virtual desktops by balancing the computing load among them. By adding Enterprise Terminal Servers to a Cloud Server hierarchy, sysadmin can centralize access to multiple NoMachine clusters.

With server fail-over protection included, NoMachine Enterprise Terminal Server provides the foundation for a highly available environment eliminating single points of failure. Create a highly-available active/passive cluster to ensure continuity of service to your users should there be a master server outage.

  • Host any number of virtual Linux desktops. Add Terminal Server Nodes for Linux as you need them
  • Point of entry for Linux desktop users from any device and serves as frontend for applications running on Windows Remote Desktop Services via RDP support
  • Seamless integration with corporate authentication mechanisms such as Kerberos, LDAP and Active Directory means fast and easy deployment to all your workforce
  • Protect apps and data in your own cloud. Leverage profiles and security controls to deliver content based on user type, location and network
  • High availability and fail-over. Maximize uptime by creating a cluster of Enterprise Terminal Servers reducing unplanned downtime

Feature comparison

Terminal Server Products are available as annual subscriptions providing software updates and technical assistance. Consult the Support Services overview for more information about scope of coverage and response times.

If you are looking to consolidate all your servers and access to desktop hosts, check out the Cloud Server Family.

Supported platform
Concurrent connections
Virtual desktops
Product type
Technical assistance
Automatic updates
License activation via GUI
Automatic discovery on LAN
Localized GUI
Who is it for
Desktop access
Access to the physical desktop
Deploy virtual Linux desktops and applications
Reconnect to virtual desktops on Linux, also from another device
Automatic reconnection to the desktop
Desktop access via the browser
Access from Android & iOS clients
Connect to hosts via RDP, VNC and XDM
Wake-on-Lan (1)
Multi-media support
Video streaming (2)
Audio streaming (2)
Hardware-accelerated display processing
H.264 hardware decoding
H.264 hardware encoding
H.264 software decoding
H.264 software encoding
Take screenshot
Whiteboard and chat tool (3)
Screen recording (3)
Automatic screen recording (3)
Run VOIP applications (3)
Support for OpenGL applications
Device support and drive mapping
Multi-monitor support and switch view between remote displays
Export disks from local to remote and vice-versa (3)
Export printers from local to remote and vice-versa (3)
File-transfer (including drag and drop)
USB forwarding (3)
Create VPN between client and server (3)
Connect network servers (FTP, SSH & others) (4)
Security & Authentication
Screen blanking of host display
Connect behind NAT routers and firewalls
Secure communication protected by SSL cryptography
Full encryption for UDP traffic
Kerberos password authentication
PAM based authentication
Integrate with LDAP authentication infrastructure and MS Active Directory
Connect via HTTP proxy or SOCKS
Support for industry standard SSH protocol
Kerberos ticket authentication and ticket forwarding to the session (3)
Smartcard authentication and authentication forwarding to the session (3)
Two-factor authentication
User Administration & User Management
Custom scripts executable on server and node events
Generation of system account on demand (Guest Users)
Server profiles (per-user and groups) with configurable access to applications and functionalities
Seamless access to desktops for trusted users
Trusted groups
Support for client redirection per-user & per-IP
Node capabilities & server management
Work as a standalone server
Function as a federated server in a centralized environment
Federate nodes under one server
Manual selection of the node by user
Load-balancing of sessions to remote Terminal Server Nodes (5)
High-availability & failover capabilities (NM cluster)
From $124.50 per year
Server subscription or pack of 10
Professionals and mobile workers
Small Business Server
From $744.50 per year
Server subscription
Departments and small businesses
Terminal Server
From $1,494.50 per year
Server subscription
Organizations with multiple users
NoMachine Enterprise
Terminal Server
From $3,494.50 per year
Server subscription
Organizations with extensive user management needs
(1) Wake on LAN (WOL) from client 7
(2) Available in web sessions in WebRTC mode
(3) Not available in web sessions
(4) See Guide to the Functionality in the Menu Panel for more info
(5) Terminal Server Nodes are available for purchase in the Store
Supported Under development

Recommended System Requirements

Operating System Hardware
  • Linux kernel 2.6.15 (32-bit or 64-bit) or later
  • Intel Core2 Duo or AMD Athlon Dual-Core or equivalent
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 195 MB free disk space on your hard drive
  • Network connection LAN or Internet link (broadband, DSL, etc...)