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NoMachine Professional Services

NoMachine Professional Services offers a complete set of consulting engagements. Whether you are in need of an experienced partner to help your corporation migrate its desktop infrastructure, implement an efficient server-based computing environment, tune the NX system within your current set-up or design the vertical solution that perfectly fits your needs, our rich experience and exposure to various technologies enable us to provide a comprehensive solution to your business problem. The services we offer can be flexible. We deliver services ranging from one-day assistance to strategy and solution implementation and consultations. NoMachine Professional Services provides you with the skills, experience, best practices, methodologies, and tools to help you minimize implementation time, reduce risk and get maximum performance. Furthermore, we have established a comprehensive partner network to ensure rapid, successful and cost-effective implementation and support for your business solution. Our objective consulting approach is based on a strong commitment to open standards, interoperability and the right blend of technology from NoMachine and other leading vendors. We focus on enhancing and adding value to the solutions and systems you already have in place, not on replacing them.
Strategy and Implementation Consulting

You can engage NoMachine Professional Services on large-scale customized projects that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization and its deployment of the NoMachine software. Custom consulting services include a project management component with one of our experienced engineers and/or partners to ensure that activities are carefully planned and that milestones are reached.

Quick Discovery and Analysis

You can also engage NoMachine Professional Services for short-term assistance with a single problem to keep your project on track.

NX Network Architect $ 240/hour   (€ 221.71/hour)
NX System Designer $ 180/hour   (€ 166.28/hour)
NX System Administrator $ 120/hour   (€ 110.85/hour)
Custom Development

In addition to custom consulting and short-term assistance, NoMachine also offers custom software development services. Our most experienced engineers will help you find a tailored NoMachine solution to suit your computing environment needs, providing a clearly defined roadmap together with your designated Project Manager.

Prices for both consulting and custom project development are based on the project's specific requirements and development time.

NX Core Architect $ 240/hour   (€ 221.71/hour)
NX Core Developer $ 180/hour   (€ 166.28/hour)
NX System Developer $ 120/hour   (€ 110.85/hour)

Note: The rates indicated do not include travel related expenses.