NoMachine Support

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Supported applications

NoMachine supports desktops environments and applications installed by default with Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems.

For remote desktop and virtual desktop sessions, these are:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • OpenOffice/LibreOffice
  • Evolution
  • Google Chrome
  • The KDE desktop and Konqueror browser and file manager
  • The GNOME desktop and Nautilus file manager
  • Most Gnome/GTK applications
  • Most KDE/QT applications
  • Windows-shipped applications
  • Mac OS X-shipped applications

NoMachine also supports Java based applications and it is known to work with CAD applications. Many other applications are known to work in NoMachine environments, though not all the features may be supported, and NoMachine software may not offer the same level of performance as with the officially supported applications.

In web-based sessions, supported browsers are the stock versions, also with subsequent updates, provided with the supported operating system in use:

  • Mozilla
  • Internet Explorer (version 8 or later)
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Other popular browsers

As part of the development process, NoMachine improves the compatibility, resolves the known issues and extends the product at any new software release. Applications that might be not supported in a previous version, may work well once a new revision is made available. Nevertheless, due to the significant amount of time and effort required by testing and debugging NoMachine software, we can't guarantee that all bugs can be fixed and that applications not listed here can be made to work under the provision of the normal support subscription. It's therefore important that, before buying the product, you verify that the software fulfills all your requirements, including the ability to work with the specific applications you intend to use. NoMachine offers free downloads of the client and an evaluation version of the server products to help users determine whether this is the case. NoMachine can't be considered responsible for malfunctions and incompatibilites affecting applications that are not explicitly listed. If there is any application that is critical to you, and you want to see support for this application added, or you are concerned about the ability of the software to fit in your business environment, NoMachine or its network of partners can work with you on a contractual basis. Please don't hesitate to contact our sales department for more information.