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Switching the view between multi-monitors during a remote desktop session

When connected to a remote host with multiple monitors attached, the user can decide which display to view. NoMachine will detect multi-monitors are available on the server side and the Switch Monitor button will be visible in the NoMachine session menu. It's easy to use.

  • Once you're connected to the remote desktop, open the NoMachine menu using the page-peel or Ctrl-Alt-0 (Fig. 1).
Image of NoMachine Connection Menu which is accessed using the page-peel or Ctrl-Alt-0

Fig. 1 – The Quick Access Display Icons are in the footer of the menu

  • In the Quick Access Display Icons, click the Switch Monitor icon (Fig. 2).
Image showing multi-monitor at the bottom of the menu panel

Fig. 2 – When multiple server side monitors are detected, the Switch Monitor icon appears

  • Select the monitor you wish to view from the available displays that NoMachine detected. You can also view all the monitors in one window if you prefer (Fig. 3).
Image showing multi-monitors detected by NoMachine on the remote desktop

Fig. 3 – Click on the display you wish to view, or alternatively view content of all displays in one window.

Using the handy shortcuts

  • To quickly identify the display being viewed, you can use the shortcut Ctrl-Alt-I to show them by number.
Image of using the shortcut Ctrl-Alt-I to show which monitor is being shown

Fig. 4 – The shortcut Ctrl-Alt-I identifies the multi-monitors by number

  • Ctrl-Alt-A to switch to viewing all monitors in one window.
  • Ctrl-Alt-(monitor ID) to switch to viewing a specific monitor e.g., Ctrl-Alt-2 will take you to monitor 2.