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Virtualization Server Family

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NoMachine Virtualization Server Family

The Virtualization Server family will bring the unprecedented power of NoMachine to the virtual machine regardless of what hypervisor it’s running on, what OS is installed there, what application it is and whether it’s onsite or with an external cloud provider. As a middle layer, it integrates with existing cloud infrastructures, providing fast access to enterprise-wide deployments of cloud-hosted desktops and applications, with it’s renowned display protocol, NX.

Bringing remote access to hybrid cloud

As all our customers know, NoMachine is the ideal remote desktop for Linux, Raspberry, Mac and Windows environments, including those running virtualized high-end graphics software in the cloud. NoMachine brings any hosted application and desktop to the connecting client providing a remote experience that feels like a local workstation to the end user. For the administrator, Virtualization Server takes away the frustrations of having to provide centralized access to these multiple desktops even if they are hosted in VMs or containers within hybrid cloud set-ups.

Why NoMachine Virtualization Server?

It's not just about providing seamless access to public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructures and containerized environments with a local experience. Additionally, NoMachine Virtualization Server will offer the possibility to set up basic VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), containers or DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) solutions on-the-fly that are simple to use, fast and scalable. For those organizations which haven’t yet decided which hypervisor technology to adopt or still haven’t migrated to a cloud-based solution, NoMachine Virtualization Server can take care of that for you by creating virtual machines on demand.

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