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NoMachine Announces Free Remote Desktop Control for Windows and Mac
2012-05-24 by:

Array of upcoming functionality includes screen recording, video, audio and multi-media content streaming

Rome, Italy, May 24, 2012 - NoMachine officially announced today that it will be offering free remote desktop software on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The new product, called NoMachine, lets users access and control a remote Windows, Linux PC or Mac from another computer for work or play environments.

The product, currently available for download as a preview version, joins the company's current suite of enterprise-orientated software products, which provide solutions for virtual desktop hosting and application delivery for Linux and other platforms. The preview version also includes pre-release test packages of the upcoming version 4 product range for both business and personal use.

Raising the bar on consumer-oriented remote access products, NoMachine will offer not just a rich feature set, but a high-quality user performance based on unique compression and award-winning NX technology. A version aimed at the enterprise will also be made available as part of the future subscription offering. Key features planned for NoMachine for Windows, Linux and Mac include:

Remote Control:
Access files and programs residing on a Windows, Linux PC or Mac from any remote computer, no matter what the operating system, or via a Web browser.

Multi-media Support:
Stream audio and video from the remote desktop in real-time.

File-sharing Between Desktops:
Share files easily and securely between the local and remote desktop even through firewalls.

Capture Screen Activity:
Record and save activities in one easy click to create the easiest demos and how-to videos.

Print to Any Printer:
Transfer documents to the local computer for printing or send them directly to any printer attached to the remote or local desktop.

Unbeatable Speed:
The software's architecture opens up an unprecedented level of performance, delivering an efficient and high-quality user experience even with multimedia and graphic-rich content.

“We believe this new product will bring a revolutionary solution to both business and personal users of Windows, Linux and Macs. Users will be able to perform any remote computing task whether they're connecting from home to the office, helping a long-distance friend debug a PC, or sharing the remote desktop of a coworker,” said NoMachine's Business Development Manager, Sarah Dryell.

Users can learn more about product functionality and download the preview version at

About NoMachine
NoMachine is the creator of NoMachine software, an enterprise-class multi-platform solution for secure remote access, application delivery, and hosted desktop deployment. NoMachine revolutionizes the way users access their computing resources across the Internet to make seamless desktop access as easy and widespread as Web browsing. For more information, visit