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NoMachine Technology Helps Promote Fusion Research at Leading Tokamak Facilities
International research centers adopt NoMachine to provide uninterrupted access to critical experiments
2014-09-30 by: Sarah Dryell

Luxembourg, September 30, 2014

NoMachine, leading Linux desktop virtualization and application delivery software, today announced that it has been selected by tokamak facilities around the world as their remote desktop and collaboration solution. Scientists participating in fusion research programs use NoMachine NX technology to execute and control computational tasks hosted on HPC clusters at tokamak research sites across the globe.

The tokamak is a device for producing controlled fusion reactions. Fusion is the energy that powers the Sun and other stars and the goal of scientists around the world has been to harness this process by which the stars “burn” hydrogen into helium. The tokamak permits researchers to carry out their work aimed at controlling fusion energy and generating safe, pollution-free power. Performance and reliability are essential to the success of their work, from experimental design to experiment execution and analysis. NoMachine technology enables rapid, uninterrupted access to these critical experiments accelerating physicists and engineers in their quest for ground-breaking discoveries.

Many of these tokamaks are global centers accessible to other collaborating research units from various countries.They also function as education facilities providing technical development & training with advanced fusion technology to graduates from participating universities. With NoMachine, users can access the tokamak's research environments from their respective centers across Europe, Asia and in the USA, with the ability to run critical remote visualization and data analysis software in real time, keeping lengthier experiments running whilst disconnected.Typically, users will be running and sharing imaging analysis applications, IDL programs, and other scientific applications on Linux servers to return valuable analysis data to the operation staff local to the experiments thousands of miles away.

Thanks to its exclusive NX remote display technology and VirtualGL/OpenGL integration, NoMachine Terminal Server makes it possible to run any graphic-intensive task, including multimedia, as fast and seamlessly as if users were sitting in front of their computer. As a result, hundreds of researchers can simultaneously run sophisticated 2D and 3D experiment control/data acquistion software, and visualize results from across the globe instantaneously keeping project runtime to a minimum.

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NoMachine Terminal Server is the new generation of the award winning NX Linux Terminal Server, the term of comparison for Linux server-based computing solutions for more than 10 years. It is the perfect answer to those looking for a solution able to create hundreds of hosted Linux desktops, easy to manage and secure. NoMachine Terminal Server doesn't suffer from all the limitations that affect the traditional X-Window based solutions. Your desktop continues to live while it is disconnected, devices shared on the server follow you wherever you go and speed is spectacular even over the most modest network link, so fast to be unbeaten by any similar product designed for any operating system, not only Linux. For more information, visit