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Finding other NoMachine computers on the same network

A quick look at the 'Advertise this computer on the network' option

It's easy to find other computers on the same LAN thanks to the handy 'Advertise this computer on the network' feature. Any hosts, which have NoMachine or NoMachine for the Enterprise products installed and additionally enable the check box (see Fig. 1), will show up in the connection list of all clients on the same network.

Image of Ports panel in NoMachine Server Settings

Fig. 1 - Check the box 'Advertise this computer on the local network' to make sure your computer shows up on the network to other users

How do you enable it?

It is enabled by default upon installation of any of the NoMachine server products. Broadcasting of the host information can be enabled or disabled from the 'Server settings' in the 'Ports' panel by checking or unchecking 'Advertise this computer on the local network'.

If there are other NoMachine computers available on the network and they have the broadcast functionality enabled, you will be able to see them in the 'Machines' panel of the User Interface on the client you are connecting from. It will look something like this upon opening for the first time:

Machines panel showing Cloud Server host available on LAN

Fig. 2 - Cloud Server (host on LAN) and a Testdrive connection are available on the local network in the Machines panel

The 'Machines' panel is populated with different types of connections available. A different icon is associated to computers which are broadcasting their availability on the network, thus making it easy to distinguish them from any connections already created by the user.

On a LAN, all available NoMachine computers are advertized. NoMachine hosts on LAN are identifiable with the 'pipe' icon

Fig. 3 - This symbol represents a host broadcast over the LAN

NoMachine desktop connections are identifiable with the '!M' icon

Fig. 4 - The 'world' icon represents a connection already initiated

So now you can find your colleagues' computers who also use NoMachine. Remember that for your convenience, you can disable the "Advertise..." feature if you do not want to be found.