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NoMachine for the Enterprise

Provide secure remote access to enterprise desktops and applications

Features of NoMachine for the Enterprise

NoMachine for the Enterprise gives employees the freedom to work from anywhere, allowing organizations to securely deliver Mac, Windows, Linux, web-based desktops and applications to any device. Suitable for companies of all sizes, NoMachine also provides support services as part of a subscription package. For detailed information about the type of support we offer, scope of coverage and response times, please consult the Support Services overview.

Cloud Server

For server consolidation and centralization of user access

Reduce IT complexity

Consolidate deployment of your entire server network and alleviate the sprawl associated with serving complex infrastructures.

Reliable and agile

Ensure business continuity with built-in failover mechanisms and route users to the requested host securely and efficiently.

Extensible & flexible

Empower admins to control and deploy thousands of desktops and server-based resources in the corporate datacenter, whether virtual, physical or in cloud.

Centralize user access

Broker connections to unlimited Enterprise Desktops & other NoMachine servers including X-Window hosts such as Solaris, AIX and BSD.

Policy-based access

Leverage profiles and security controls to provide access based on user level, location and network.

Protect your network

Protect corporate distributed infrastructure and provide encrypted delivery of applications and data while ensuring 100% uptime and performance.

Enterprise Desktop

For remote desktop access

Work from anywhere

Configure your business computers for remote access so that you can take complete control over the internet anytime.

From any device to any computer

Access your remote desktop from any Windows, Linux or Mac computer, iOS or Android device.

Access via the browser

Work on your remote computer from anywhere without any software requirements other than a simple HTML-enabled browser.

Encryption & Security

All traffic between devices using native NX protocol is implemented using OpenSSL TLS/AES 128 encryption. SSH tunneling of connections and full integration with any authentication backend supported by the host SSH server.

Remote collaboration

Allow unlimited colleagues to share access to the same desktop for remote collaboration purposes either in view-only or interactive mode.

Cloud agnostic

Compatible with any virtual or physical OS,in public or private cloud.

Terminal Server

For virtual desktops on Linux

Linux virtual desktops

Deliver secure Linux virtual desktops and applications including customized programs to any Windows, Mac or Linux client, iOS or Android device.

For professionals, SMBs and large organizations

Choose from 4 different editions to cater for different needs: Workstation, Small Business Server, Terminal Server and Enterprise Terminal Server

Access via the browser

Connect to your virtual Linux desktop from anywhere using the browser.

OpenGL support

Centrally deliver graphics-intensive apps such as CAD and 3D rendering and modeling programs, including those which rely heavily on OpenGL.


Failover mechanisms in Enterprise Terminal Server guarantee access to critical desktops and hosted applications.

Built-in load-balancing and scriptability

Weighted algorithms let admins load-balance user requests to Terminal Server Nodes. Drive actions triggered on server events via custom scripts.