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NoMachine for the Enterprise

Remote access solutions for your business

NoMachine Web-based Remote Access

Get to your desktop with just any browser

Web-based access is provided, out-of-the-box, with all of the products of the NoMachine Enterprise suite. It makes it possible to connect to your NoMachine server by just using any browser, any browser built into your computer or mobile device you are connecting from, removing the need to install the NoMachine player on your client machine. NoMachine Web sessions work thanks to an embedded Web server that is run as part of your NoMachine Enterprise server install, Web server that you can disable, if you don't need it, saving resources.

NoMachine the easiest way

Web-based access is enabled by default with any Enterprise Desktop, any Terminal Server and any Cloud Server product, by just installing the server packages. What you need to do, to let others connect to your machine, is just give them an URL they can click and go.

Create Web sessions from the player

Your NoMachine player will create a new Web-based sessions, with the right URL, when you specify the HTTP protocol for the connection. Just double-click on the NoMachine Web connection, in the player, and the player will open the browser and run the Web session for you. But you don't need the player to run the session. You can simply copy-and-paste the URL and pass it to whoever you like using a chat.

Any browser is all you need

You can connect to a remote desktop running NoMachine with any browser. All major browsers are fully tested and supported: Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox as well as browsers running on all iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Just copy the URL and go. All the NoMachine features are supported, including screen recording and file transfers in one direction or the other.

WebRTC for an even better experience

You can enable WebRTC, Real-Time Web Communication protocol, in Web sessions, to greatly improve performance of multimedia applications. With WebRTC NoMachine can use the full set of audio and video encoding methods it normally uses. NoMachine is also working on improving WebRTC support, including working on latest WebRTC revision, version 90, greatly improving quality and real-time control.

Guest users and visitors fully supported

You can also login as a guest or a visitor, using the Web Player. Not only can you connect, you can also accept the guest and the visitor connections to your desktop, if you are connected as the legitimate owner. Guest users and visitors are fully supported, so that you can invite whoever you like, on your desktop, without having to give them your computer's password.

Manage your Cloud Server through the Web

The same powerful navigation interface available for administrators of the Cloud Servers is also available in Web-based sessions. Administrators can log in to the Cloud Server to add, remove and configure NoMachine nodes as needed. Connect to any Cloud Server via the Web and manage the entire NoMachine infrastructure by just using a browser.

Provide NoMachine on your company's portal

You can give full access to all your computing infrastructure, to all people coming from outside, by simply putting a Cloud Server instance on your company's Web portal. Click on the link and you are in. You can work with anybody within your company and work on any machine. No need to install anything on your personal computer.