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Riagg Rijnmond

Dutch mental health center, Riagg Rijnmond, cures IT budget woes and reduces their employee desktop budget by migrating from Citrix and Windows to a Linux and open source-based system hosted on NoMachine software.

Mental Health Center gains secure, low-cost desktops with NoMachine.
About the Organization
For more than two decades, the Mental Health Center of Riagg Rijnmond has been providing exemplary outpatient care to people with psychological and psychiatric issues. Riagg Rijnmond is located in the Dutch city of Rotterdam and serves patients in the regions of Rotterdam Rijnmond . The organization's dedication to excellence is reinforced by its partnerships with universities, hospitals, and outpatient mental health centers in The Netherlands and around the world.
The Challenge
Healthcare organizations are constantly pressured with balancing affordable and high-quality patient care. In 2009, Riagg Rijnmond was facing considerable costs for providing desktops to 350 employee users. The organization had moved to a system of server-based applications but were locked into proprietary software with licenses that were expensive to update.

Riagg Rijnmond worked with IT software and system solution provider, ECsys, to find a lower-cost solution that maintained their strict standards of security, dependability, and user performance. ECsys is a strong advocate with decades of expertise in open-source solutions. As a result, the company recommended a combination of NoMachine remote desktop software, Xen hypervisor, and IGEL Technology Linux-based thin clients to deliver the employees' virtual desktops.
The Solution
After testing different hardware and software options, Riagg Rijnmond ran a pilot of three groups of fifteen staff members. While the pilot users attended a quick training session, the IT department replaced their desktops with IGEL thin clients, which already had NoMachine integrated in the firmware. When pilot users returned from training in the afternoon, they immediately began using their new desktops.

Riagg Rijnmond spent a little over a year on the entire project, including the final pilot and training for all 350 employees. However, the project was so well-prepared that the actual implementation only took around two weeks to roll out. Now the daily management of user desktops is significantly easier, and it comes at a lower cost. ECsys' president, Nieck Zanen, estimates that the NoMachine/IGEL project cost about a third of the budget that would have otherwise been spent to update proprietary licenses that were part of the previous Citrix/Wyse setup.
The migration proved to be a big success for Riagg Rijnmond. Employees are happy with the speed and performance of their new virtualized desktops. They are able to access an easy-to-use Xubuntu desktop and all their critical business applications, including email and an open-source equivalent to Microsoft Office. NoMachine made the access seamless as well as secure, which is especially critical when handling electronic patient records.