Technology Partners

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Case Studies


Schwaebisch Hall

A globally recognized migration from an expensive proprietary solution of one of Germany's town councils to Linux. It adopted NX in order to ease the transition and provide cost-effective civil services to its citizens.


Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

NoMachine powering medical research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center providing scientists with dependable access to HPC & data analysis resources.

Glendale Adventist Medical Center

One of the leading medical institutions in Southern California, Glendale Adventist Medical Center uses NoMachine NX to supply patients with advanced personal computing stations bedside in the private rooms of their new patient tower.


Cornell University

Cornell University is a private research university which hosts the Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-based ScienceS and Education (CLASSE) research lab


This health care industry nonprofit discovers an inexpensive remote access solution that meets HIPAA security requirements through NX.

University of Chicago

University of Chicago, one of America's top research universities, is transforming cancer care and prevention with NoMachine NX.

University of Colorado

Colorado's premier research university finds NX ideal for delivering a complex, online Web mapping course inexpensively; the high user-friendliness of NX also enables Windows-accustomed students to gracefully switch to a Linux environment.

University of Leicester

A world leader in Engineering and Physical Sciences, the University of Leicester provides researchers and students with remote access to high-performance computing clusters from anywhere, delivering fast, interactive access and persistent sessions.

University of Limoges

A top research university in France, University of Limoges allows over 700 researchers from around the world to remotely access their performance computing cluster with NoMachine, providing session resiliency and mobile connectivity from anywhere.

University of Michigan

A university switches from X to NX, and finds they finally have fast, real-time off-campus access to heavy statistical analysis and editing programs.

University of Technology, Sydney

NoMachine gives 400+ student researchers and staff remote access to graphic-intensive mathematics, physics, and computational applications located on the university's FEIT High Performance Computing Linux Cluster.


Argonne National Laboratory

The first national laboratory in the U.S. and one of the leading federally funded research and development centers in the country, Argonne National Laboratory, makes their Advanced Photon Source and engineering simulation software available to hundreds of collaborators worldwide with NoMachine NX.

Diamond Light Source

A leading UK synchrotron, Diamond offers its wide range of academic researchers and in-house scientists access to its scientific facilities via NoMachine.

European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

Grenoble-based scientific facility, one of the largest synchrotrons in the world, allows for collaboration between 19 European countries, and makes local technology and resources available remotely to scientists worldwide.

GN ReSound Corporation

A leading global manufacturer of advanced hearing instruments, GN ReSound Corporation improves life for the hearing impaired by giving developers the ability to remotely access their central Linux development environment with NoMachine NX to meet project demands from any location.

Norsk Regnesentral

One of the leading Norwegian research organizations, Norsk Regnesentral, provides researchers with access to their mixed Windows and Linux research environment with NoMachine NX. NX's disconnect and resume feature reduces project time and allows research to be performed more efficiently.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The Department of Energy's largest science and energy lab with the world's most powerful neutron source, Oak Ridge National Laboratory provides researchers around the world remote access to one-of-a-kind scientific resources with NoMachine NX.

University of Leuven

K.U. Leuven connects researchers to supercomputing resources running in their own cloud onsite.


Commerce Corporation

A lawn and garden distributor finds that switching from their leading remote access publishing product to NX enables them to remotely connect their 250 employees at a fraction of the cost.


The largest furniture and mattress retailer in Wisconsin improves their previously time-consuming customer credit application process with a fast, cost-effective NX-based kiosk. The result is an increase in customer credit applications and sales.



This leading provider of Linux development platforms created an NX-driven test drive solution that enables customers to virtually evaluate MontaVista products at their leisure; the result is shorter customer evaluation time, and a shorter sales cycle for MontaVista.

Silicon and Software Systems

Worldwide technology provider, S3 provides engineers at design centers around the world with high-performance remote access via NX to necessary applications on Unix servers at 3 locations across the globe.



This Telco provider swaps snail-speed, unreliable remote access for NoMachine and saves significantly on operations spending with the low cost and high speed of NX.

ECI Telecom

A leading provider of networking infrastructure for some of the largest carrier and service provider networks, ECI Telecom finally finds session resiliency and high-speed remote access for their 3000 employees through NX.